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UV Protection for bike parts

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by gizzo, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. What are you using to protect your plastic parts from UV? I really don't want my switch blocks and other plastic bits going chalky in a couple years.

  2. Garage
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  3. How do you bring it with when you park the bike outside away from home?
  4. Ask and N3rtRaider shall provide

    The answer may or may not be helpful.
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  5. that is No.1 option :)

    some reviews suggests this stuff works a bit? has UV blockers but... MSDS doesn't show shit
    if it's SPF40.. does that mean you need to reapply every 3hrs? :p
    303 Aerospace Protectant 473ml Trigger Spray Pk

    I should test it with some UV lights....
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  6. Maybe a version of this would meet your needs?
  7. Har Har Har. I guess I should have provided more information. My bike lives in the shed at home so it's out of the sun most of the time. But, It has to be in the sun sometimes and I was thinking of products along the lines of oldcarolla's suggestion. Something to apply that will help preserve the plastics.
  8. I'd be looking for benzophenone as an ingredient
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  9. If your leaving your good bike outside 24/7 then a little uv damage is the least of your concerns, a few hours every weekend won't hurt it.
    When your commuting your choices are normally: park in the shade, buy a bike your not overly attached to, bike cover.

    Everynow and then I use a plastic polish, sealant which does a good job and bringing back the colours.
  10. What brand are you using ?
  11. +1
    That's all I wanted to know: what are people using, do they find it effective?
  12. Plexus, used on plastic aircraft windows however available at most stores. According to the can it cleans, polishes and seals the plastic.
    I use it mostly for my visor but wipe down the plastics every now and then.
    Introducing Plexus Plastic Cleaner
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  13. Great product - love it, use it.

    I also use the cheaper alternative Vuplex

    Essentially the 'same' thing (chemically slightly different, actively almost the same)

    Here's an oldie to prove I'm not talking shit (no more than normal anyway)
    BitSar and Bikes: Details, details, details
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  14. Cool, stocked at BCF (y)
    Thanks for the info guys.
  15. Change it for a new one before the plastic fades :angelic:
  16. Plexus and vuplex are cleaners, but not UV protectants
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  17. Not a lot of detail on the site - what is it?

    Is this a polish/micro-abrasive?
  18. I reckon you are overthinking it.

    Unless the bike is out in the weather 24/7 your switch blocks will probably last longer than most of the moving parts in your bike.

    Now if you do bugger all klms, in 20 years you may be looking for new switch blocks. Do you think you will have it in 20 years?

    Ride more, worry less!
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  19. Possibly. I've owned the same Pantah for 25 years and my DR for 20. But I'll stop worrying. This enfield will probably fall apart before then.
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