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uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh I am the worst

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Azamakumar, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. For the first time in a while I managed to finish all of my work before going home. 6pm? So what, I'm going to work on monday with nothing to do. Look out the window, still bright (thanks, daylight savings) and no traffic on the M4, must be time to go home then. Strap my uni project to the back of the bike and warm it up when I put on my helmet gloves. Nope.

    Kicked it into neutral and pressed the starter, and my bike tried to run away from me :(.

    Shit, hold onto it for dear life! What's that? Your thumb is still on the starter? Looking for footing but got nothing, and my mind jumped to raven's (or was it Chef's?) post about human cushioning the fall but thought better of it. Then came that dull clunk that meant the stand was past vertical and had put itself up with the help of the bike lurching forward. No point trying now.

    Step back and try and let her down slowly. Turn away from the bike when it's down, and draw as much attention to yourself by screaming a choice four letter word as loud as you can. Turn around back at the helpless bike taking a nap. Stare at that bright green neutral light, taunting you.
    Deep breath then lift. Don't forget the sidestand.

    Virtually no damage to the bike itself - a few scratches on the end of the left mirror/handlebar/indicator but that's about it, it's copped worse without being dropped. That awesome feeling from 2 minutes ago is long gone, though.

    Put my lid/gloves on and start it up, first time thankfully, and make sure sidestand/neutral switches are working properly (or as properly as they could be despite what just happened).

    The 15 minute trip home turns into the 40 minute trip home. No splitting, no filtering, no hammering it through those roundabouts at the end of the offramps. Just 40 minutes of moping around in my helmet with the sun in my eyes and 4 fingers covering the clutch.

    Always, always pull the clutch when starting, kids.

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  2. Sorry to hear it mate. Least it was only minor damage.
  3. You can start your bike (in neutral) without holding in the clutch?
  4. Yep. Friend let me take his gixxer for a spin once and I spent a few minutes by the side of the road figuring out why I couldn't start it, he laughed at me until I explained myself, and then he laughed at my bike.
  5. you can on some bikes I've found! Not on teh hyo though...
    But it is awesome advice and glad Im in the habbit of doing so now. Shame about your problem though man
  6. Too late now I guess but a good reminder for others:

    Nutral AND clutch when starting.
  7. what? I have a gt250r...
  8. Holy shit I laughed, thanks for that, excellent description!!
  9. P.S. Glad you and steed are OK.
  10. 8-[

    err, mine has a clutch switch in the wiring diagram and I have to hold it in to start it so it's defo there lol
  11. is it an EFI? I have an 09 that's never needed the clutch

    pg 34:

  12. nope, mine's an 08 GT650...
    I've had a look at the 650 manual, defo says clutch in... madness! :D
  13. VTR250 can do it and that's always how I start my bike. Guess I'll start pulling in the clutch now...
  14. It does'nt matter whether bike starts, clutch in or out.
    Always pull the clutch in anyway.
    It's a wise habit to form.
  15. My BRAND NEW Hyo did that but i caught it before it dropped......traded it in a few weeks later :p
  16. I did this on my zx10 when it was 2 days old, it only got a tiny sc**** near the bottom of the fairing coz I didnt let it go all the way down. Only looks like a large stone chip but still pretty annoying