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Uuugh... what should I doooooo.....

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Grunge, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Ack.. this is annoying me now... so I'll throw it out to you guys:

    My new superkewl zx6r is due for its first 1000k service.
    Has been for the last week, and I haven't ridden it as it's @ 1017K's on the odometer already. I'm doing this so I don't void the warranty or anything on it by giving it with like, 1500K's on it first its first service.

    The other reason for me not getting it done asap is because I plan to get the place to install the scorpio alarm that I got for the bike in one hit. It should make it cheaper? (I've got the first service for free.... so yeah.. trying to take advantage of it.)

    Anyways, I've ordered the kawasaki connector for the alarm to make it easier, but it won't come in until Tuesday!!! I dunno if I can put off an extra week of not riding the bike!!!!

    Should I just hand the alarm and get them to install it anyways (it just makes it easier if you use the connectors that they sell with it,) do it later on (maybe see if I can get some help with you guys and get the bike serviced now,) or put it off so I can do it in one hit?

    Arrrgh.. I dunno what to doooooooooo.
    Help me OBI WAN, you're my only hope...

  2. lol... i'd either wait till it came in and did it all in one go, or get the service done now, and install it at next service, IF you think you'll rack up the km's pretty quickly...
  3. The service you have to have, so there's no wriggle-room there. The alarm can wait, and you just might get lucky and have a friendly neighbourhood Netrider install it for you, for, maybe a slab of beer, or a BBQ, or both :wink:.
  4. I've found mechanics refuse to prices, regardless of how much work is being done, unless its saving them time (eg. if you're doing various things under the hood they can take carbs and fairings, etc. off only once, don't have to do it multiple times). I'm looking at getting my brakes suspension, tuning and general servicing done, amounting to over a grand all up in work, but since its in separate areas they weren't doing me any special rates. Which I'm pissed off at... but they're so busy at the moment they don't need to be nice :(
  5. Don't think I'd rackup the K's that quickly that's why... guuuurrrgh... ..
  6. Go get the service done. There shouldnt be an issue with +10% k's but 30-40% may be different. How hard is it to fit the alarm yourself?
  7. I dunno.
    How hard is it to fit it myself? :p
  8. How many Km are you planning on putting on the bike over the w-end? A few doz or 100km won't make much difference. When's the alarm due?

    When I took my bike in for the first service, it was on 1098km and the mechanic said it didn't really matter as long as I didn't leave it a few more 100. The engines are tested harder than most people ride in the factory so a few km won't matter; and no it won't shouldn't your warranty.
    Not unless your dealer is feeling particularly mean :evil: and nasty.

    Having said that the mechanic also said he has people who've used a trailer to drop the bike off for first service to ensure it stays at 1000.
    Diff'rent strokes for diffr'ent folks.
  9. Good point 'mite...

    I just didn't want to risk screwing around the dealer, and find out they're not co-operative by saying.. "you went over, no warranty for you... FOREVER!"

    NOT saying that they are.. I just want to avoid that situation, especially since I bartered the first service for free when I bought the bike (about 2 hours of negotiation.)

    I know that putting a couple of k's over isn't going to be a problem.. so yeah...

    Anyways, I have the alarm piece now, and technically can get it installed, but it makes it easier if I have the kawasaki connector which makes it easer to install, rather than having to strip wires and solder and stuff. And that's coming in Tuesday.. (It should have come in last Wed, but the distributor's delayed... so that's kewl..) I guess I should just wait it out and drive rather than ride for about 2 weeks. (At least I try to convince myself that.)
  10. Just letting people know I'm having withdrawal symptoms over this. :p

  11. Go ride ya bike ya sook.

  12. funniest thing ever, :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Parts are in. No More sooking. :p