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Utes and stuff falling off…

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by cdot, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Riding to work this morning after having being off with the flu for 5 days, just got over the Anzac bridge and starting the approach to the harbor bridge. I notice this Ute in front of me which has a sheet of pine lattice strapped to it. One side of the strap holding it on lets go and I spend the next km or so dogging bits of wood as he drags it along with him. The guy did not even seem to notice dragging it along.

    Looks like I don’t have to practice my cone weave this week…… oh and I wonder how much lattice was left once he worked out what happened.

    Just am just glad I was not tail gating I guess.
  2. well it was strapped on - albeit not 100% effective

    I have no complaints about utes and tradies

    when I had my high side 2 weeks ago -- it was all tradies that stopped to help me - they picked up my bike moved it off the road, followed me when I rode the bike to the repairers close by ( offered to load it on their utes as well if need be to transport it rather than pay for a tow truck ) and then gave me a lift home.

    In all there was about 5 tradies who stopped to help and a young girl and her BF who are riders - the rest of the white collar brigade basically just saw me as being a obstacle to drive around
  3. Glad your okay. I'm always wary of trucks and trailers with junk piled on. It wasn't that long ago that I followed a truck through a round-about and nearly copped a full size house door to the head when it came flying off the back of the load. It happens I guess. :/
  4. I had a car with a trailer do a u-turn in front of me. The spare wheel flew off the trailer, rolled across 4 lanes and down a street. Luckily I was far away enough to not be in any danger.
  5. star picket off a tipper was interesting
  6. try dodging a jet ski! Now that was interesting - watching the ski fly off the trailer anmde take over my lane.

  7. Stuntman! ;)
  8. Got to dodge a fridge box once, I think I was out with a couple of netriders that day.
  9. Some gold in this thread already.
    Never had to dodge any wayward loads yet, touch wood.
  10. {feel free to write your own pornstar joke}
  11. *facepalm* :rofl:

    Lol @ the comment: "True story? That sounds like a cock and bull story."