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Ute road rage (with a happy ending)

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Donuts, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. First, let me say this occured in the cage, not the bike (which is currently in bits, but won't be in time for summer =D>). Also apologies for length - there is a TL;DR at the end.

    Coming along the Monash, city-bound in the right lane, this guy in a ute comes FLYING up behind me and proceeds to immediately begin tailgating me the worst I have ever experienced. After about 10 seconds with no reaction from me, he starts flashing his lights, swerving erratically and flailing his arms. At this point, this guy is one of the most dangerous drivers I've ever had sit 5 cm from my car so I begin the classic "stop accelerating" move.

    I'm down to about 80 and he's STILL right up there - I tap the brakes just enough to illuminate my lights, and he slams his on expecting to avoid a collision. This just makes him madder and the reckless driving continues, so now that I have his rego I call 000 and tell them everything I've said above. As I'm doing so, he drops back and starts doing the same thing to others in different lanes, which I pass along to the operator.

    He dropped back around the Springvale Road exit. I continue merrily on my way, hoping he gets pulled over but not stressing too much because he's not on my tail anyway. Coming up to my exit (Forster Road), I'm merging across to leave the freeway when I spot him once-again flying up the right lane... he spots me, cuts across 3 lanes of traffic (very nearly causing a collision) then cuts his way into the offramp (again, nearly colliding with a car). At the first intersection, our cars aren't level and I can't see his face... we go around the corner and he lines himself up next to me, winds his window down smiling and makes a "I'm going to slit your throat" gesture a few times. I'm pretty sure he also told me "You're dead", but with my windows up this was established by lip reading.

    By this stage, I'm back on the phone to 000 - 'the guy I called about earlier is now making death threats'. Leaving the intersection, he is in the left lane and I am in the right. I need to turn left up ahead, but he's completely blocking me and in a much faster vehicle than I am. Because of the fact we're holding up traffic, we both got pole position at the intersection to turn Right. The light is red, and he jumps out of his ute yelling and runs over to my car with a fist, and punches the passenger side window while yelling. He's about to go for a second when I put my foot down and hang a quick u-turn within the intersection. He doesn't run the red, and on the advice of 000 I make another u-turn so I can make the left turn I was originally intending to make and head to the nearest police station.

    As I'm sitting waiting to turn left, who should I see but ute man coming back down Forster road, very slowly, looking for me and my car. Thankfully, I'm hidden by traffic and he continues on.

    I arrive at the police station and a divvy van meets me out the front. I tell the cop I wish to press charges and he takes me inside to grab a statement. Because the nutcase took a swing at my window, the officer said they could charge him with "some form of assault". When I'd finished giving my statement, the second officer came in and told me they'd already ID'd the driver and they'd handle the rest.

    After this, pretty sure I can justify the cost of getting a helmet cam once my bike is back on the road!

    tl;dr - driver in ute initiates road rage, escalates to point where he gets out of his vehicle and punches my window. Happy ending - police are pressing charges against the ute driver.

    Stay safe out there ](*,)
  2. wow what a story,there are some nuts out there.
    One day he'l do it to the wrong person, and he will be sorry
    Glad you made out it ok.
  3. The guy sounds like a nutcase, well done getting out of there without taking a beating. Personally, if someone comes up behind me I just slot in to a slower lane and let them pass, this saves me from being the target of road ragers. Deliberately slowing down (below the speed limit?) and antagonising someone is not the smartest thing to do unless you really back yourself in a physical confrontation. It's difficult seeing someone behaving in a way you consider to be dangerous and you did the right thing calling the cops, hopefully he'll get a wake up call and will stop acting irresponsibly.
  4. Only got one thing to say

    WELL DONE!!!
  5. Were you overtaking while you were in the right lane on monash city bound or you were just driving along in the right lane while not overtaking? If latter then this could have all been avoided by merging in to the middle or left lane.

    Moral of the story keep left unless overtaking.
  6. I completely missed that part, and agree. While the other driver wasn't particularly nice, you could have completely avoided it. The self-serving 'you're not going to go faster than me' attitude doesn't get anyone anywhere.
  7. I'm a stickler about 'Keep left unless overtaking'. In this case, I was travelling at around 5 pm Friday night and every lane was packed full. I was in the right lane because it was travelling fastest, hence I was indeed overtaking.

    When the guy came up behind me, I was about 2 seconds from the car in front and so on for the rest of the cars I could see. Had I just moved left, he would've done the same thing to the car I'd been following, so I didn't (better me copping it than someones Mum/Grandma).

    This is my general approach too. If I'm in the right lane and notice someone approaching fast, I will move over immediately. However, if traffic is thick and both lanes are flowing much the same, I won't move for all the road rage in the world. In situations where I am being tailgated to the extent I cannot see the persons number plate, I always slow down - I don't fancy getting in a crash at 100 KM/h when the person behind me is practically already touching my bumper. Generally, I've found slowing down has a positive affect - people get the hint, drop back then I'll resume going the speed limit. In this case, definitely the opposite affect, but given the opportunity to handle the situation differently I don't think I'd change anything - as I said above, rather it was me getting targetted than someone else, and as my OP mentions he was more than happy to do the same to other drivers anyway (and, for clarity - he began picking on drivers in the middle lane once he left me, so my road position made little difference).
  8. Fair enough, I find that a lot of people tailgate because they aren't really paying attention to what's going on, they just drive forward until there is something blocking their way. In those cases I agree that slowing down gets them to refocus and they generally drop back to a more reasonable following distance (I would do that in the cage only, not on the bike). It sounds like you were just unlucky enough to run across one of the few genuine psychos on the road, well done for staying calm and handling it the way you did.
  9. odd, that he was in such a rush to get to his destination and yet had enough time to chase you down.

    I can only hope that someone like this gets on the wrong side of someone nastier than them.
  10. Guaranteed he was a knuckle dragging tradie
  11. wow scary! Where did this happen?
  12. Road raging isnt about the destination, its about the journey.

    This story ended better than I thought. I thought the OP was about to say a tradie ****** your ****.
  13. Hmm.. theres always something large an heavy in my ute just in case of road rage (or something else..)

    Never had to use it against someone, hopefully never will. Would rather have it and never use it then not have it and need it.
  14. regular updates on this one please. did they charge him? going to court etc?
  15. Wait... Is your cage being in bits related to this? I was waiting for the moment he rammed you..

    Also, are you allowed to talk on a mobile whilst driving in Vic or is it always legal if it's to 000 even in nsw?
  16. I'm sure they are willing to make exceptions for exceptional circumstances.
  17. Even if not I would be happy to accept the fine and points to get a nut job like this off the road.

    PS from the title thread I thought you had gone for an RnT following the incident.
  18. See OP - Monash and Forster Road in Vic.

    My bikes in bits, not for long though :D

    They never questioned me using my mobile to talk to 000, nor did they make any comment about me running a redlight after he punched my window - it was even in my witness statement!

    Not sure what the stars mean but he was a tradie - cops said the car was registered to a company and they'd have to find out who was driving it. They'd ID'd the driver before I left, though =D>

    When I was at the station they said he would be charged, but it wouldn't go to court for a while. Unless he pleads Not Guilty, I don't have to go, but if he does I will - so I probably won't hear anything for a while.
  19. Pathetic asshols aren't they!

    But you had him the minute he climbed out his car... THAT'S when you accidentally run over them in your attempts to escape because you feared for your life and tried to escape.

    Get the next one. :)
  20. What will they actually be able to charge him with?