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Ute Drivers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Izzypie, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. I have to say, of all the aggressive driving I've seen, about half of it has been ute drivers... I don't know what part of being in a ute compells people to speed, weave and just generally be reckless, but it worries me!

    Unfortunately today I had a near miss with one of those ute drivers. They were towing a trailer as well as having the tray loaded, so that would have been very nasty, had we collided. Imagine a road with 2 lanes in either direction. I was cruising along at 60, minding my own business when out of nowhere the ute driver in the right lane of our side of the road suddenly turns to get into the Shell on the other side of the road- no indication, nothing.

    The thing that made it a near-miss was that he realised he was about to be run down by oncoming traffic (since he was turning right) and braked suddenly. Great. I didn't have time to brake so I swerved left and squeezed between the side of his ute, and the car that was passing in the left lane, which I think worried them a lot, but got past ok. For someone who never lane splits it was very scary!

    And that's my Near Miss. Damn you ute driver!
  2. well done to avoid contact
  3. I can certainly relate to that split decision where you either brake or swerve. Next time Im sure youll be better at spotting potential hazards.

    And if youre on the gsx250f, keep up the e-braking practice, that back brake used to lock for me quite a lot until I got the brake distribution right with practice.
  4. It's because they are shitty about only owning half a car. :cheeky:
  5. I am a ute driver when not on the bike, to be that reakless in a ute with a trailer, and some massive blind spots is stupid.

    Well done on avioding contact, sounds like the driver was in thier own little world.
  6. I think you're right :p the lights were on but nobody was home... oh well, no harm done! Just very scary for a learner :)
  7. i drive a ute, and it has a horrible blind spot on the drivers side, making head checks on that side pretty much useless.

    that's my excuse.
  8. i agree with the comment on the mentality of (some) ute drivers. I find in most cases where someone has dragged me off the lights or done something else reckless, the majority of the time it is an idiot in a ute. Strange observation but one ive made as well.
  9. And you indicate for a few seconds to compensate right?
  10. yeah, count to three then move over!

    nah seriously, haven't had an issue with merging into people when changing into the right lane. the side mirror is pretty good, and i have it set to show the area adjacent to the car moreso than usual.... compensates for the blind spot.

    more people should do this if they have a similar blind spot. electric mirrors can be easily moved if you need to see something when you're reversing.
  11. I find I have more problem with 'soccer mums' in 4 wheel drives than ute drivers to be honest, but every sort of car may contain an idiot so I tend to assume it does.

    Better safe than sorry....
  12. Idiots drive all sorts of vehicles, but pretty much agree.

    Do notice (and I said notice intentionally) a fair few aggressive ute drivers, but it's usually the younger guys in things like SS/XR8 utes.
  13. Yeah i agree, young fools in lowered utes that will probs never even see an actual load in the tray. High proportion of ute drivers i see are d*cks.
  14. Some Ute drivers are bad, but the worst drivers around here seem to be young mothers driving small hatchbacks. They spend more time looking at the baby than where they are going
  15. I'm gonna go ahead and change this generalisation to any young female driver, in any type of car. Sorry but its true (as a generalisation).
  16. they indeed have a bad blind spot
    I just brought 2 of those 5 dollar concaved mirrors with dubble sided tape on them and stuck one on each mirror
    Job done
  17. i'm a young (25) bloke in a lowered XR8 ute on 19's that's kept immaculate. it sees no "tradie" work/loads, and is always super clean, 8-[

    just remember, a high proportion of ute drivers also ride motorbikes.
  18. oh my seems like I started a bit of a ute war? :p

    I think of the reckless ute drivers I've seen, most of them have been young tradies, probably rushing to and from work sites and trying not to get in trouble from their boss for being late..

    but I do agree, that mums in 4-wheel drives can be really scary! they seem to think "I'm in a massive car, so I have right of way!" or if we get down to the root of the 4x4 mentality "get out of my way or I'll drive through you"...

    I actually knew someone who did the most stupid and stereotypical 'over-zealous mum' thing, which was as she took a right turn through an intersection her bratty child started having a tantrum about something, and she looked over her shoulder to see the back seat while doing the turn!!! and as it so happened, a young cyclist was crossing at that exact moment. Yes, over-protective-mum hit the cyclist. Thankfully the cyclist was ok except for being a bit shaken up and a few bruises. The police dealt with her but they let her off with a warning. What the hell? Sorry, I am a friend of their family.... but that's plain stupid. She could have killed that cyclist, and for what, because her spoiled brat was having a cry in the back seat? this is what I worry about when I go out on the road... people like this are so dangerous to motorbikes, cyclists and pedestrians...
  19. got kids? there is a whole lot of instinctive crap that goes on when you have kids, and that's bred into parents.

    Yeah bad timing, bad for her to be in-able to ignore that cry for a little longer. It's the same instinctive garbage that makes you duck when something comes fast through your peripheral vision.

    Any car is a potential Death on the road, treat them as such. You might live, you might not.
  20. Read the OP:

    "So I was following too closely to stop if the vehicle in front braked suddenly..."

    Not trying to be high n mighty, Izzypie. The same situation is why I lane split and overtake EVERYONE. Because when they're behind me; they are less of a threat.
    But that's also illegal and people would judge me for that attitude.

    Jus' sayin'...

    You'll get the hang of it.