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Usual antics on camera

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by jack_1313, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Here's a video of an incident from last night's ride home form university at about 12:00am and my (vulgar) reaction to it. A car cuts me off by by changing lanes without looking. Nothing special, but since I have the video I thought I'll post it for some entertainment:


  2. a bit of an overreaction there and the date is 3 years old
  3. Mate,
    Glad to hear you're okay ! That's the most important thing !
    Easy for me to say what I'm going to say though it's easy for us all to react in the exact manner in which you did. Venting off is cool mate - just be careful of your ensuing actions thereafter eg hurried U-turn/more aggressive riding style...THAT's where you come a cropper during those moments of lack of concentration.
    My 2 cents mate.

    On a more humorous level, your expressions were rather amusing ! Oh, and check date/time as already mentioned ;)
    Glad you're okay.
  4. Another driver with their head up their ass...

    You might want to think about setting the correct date and time in the camera just in case you need any footage for evidence one day :)
  5. You might also want to think about keeping the wrong date and time in your camera just in case it gets impounded and efforts are made to use the data on it in evidence against you.
  6. Good call on the date. I'll fix that up asap.
    Kneedragon: I suppose I think it's more likely that I'd need to use video evidence to my credit than have it used against me. But it's certainly something to think about.

    Regarding overreaction:
    I wasn't very angry but went for a dramatic performance mainly because I wanted to reinforce, to the driver, the point that this kind of little mistake (changing lanes without doing a head check) IS dangerous and IS a big deal. It wasn't "a close one" in this instance but, as we all know, people get seriously injured or worse due to these moments of carelessness.

    In this case, there were a few hints, such as the location (corner of university), appearance of the three or four people in the car (looked like students return from late night exam study), car's make (non-hoon) and their gentle driving that I had witnessed over the last few minutes, that made me think they wouldn't try to take me out. However, I've had words with some more hoonish looking drivers before.

    Sticking my finger up once I'd perceived there to be no danger, which was an instinctive reaction, didn't send the right message though. Wouldn't have done that it I'd had a moment to think about it.

    Regarding the quick get-away: definitely did try to do this (that vacuum-cleaner noise is the Hornet taking off rapidly), but had to be careful taking the sharp turn around the round about before blasting away from there. In general, after any altercation I instinctively get out quickly.
  7. Looked kosher to me boys, maybe I should post one of mine.
  8. almost a hit there - but to be honest it looks like a situation that most people have been in - driving along car close behind , you merge and dont realise the car has already swapped lanes and sped up resulting in a issue like this.
    I hate to say it mate but you should of avoided this better and perhaps hung back abit or gone wider. It reminds me of when a p plater is up your arse for awhile , you sit on the speed limit to piss them off. Then as you merge or pull to turn right they are all up your ass or in your blind spot , giving YOU the finger and speeding off etc. Just look like a dick.
  9. That's up near Melbourne uni yeah?

    Drove through there five days a week for a couple of years, in future, just assume everyone is going to do what that driver just did, happens a shite load.
  10. On a lighter note, glad to see I'm not the only one who sings in their helmet ^^
  11. What a retard...
    Glad you are OK mate, I had the EXACT same thing happen to me with a van.
    Same here ^.^
  12. Agree with this. Not much you can do about it really.
  13. Of special, note.... It was interesting to see how effective the fekking horn is!!!.

    When will you riders out there, learn to spend your ten dollars, more usefully! Feck the horn!...brake, Evade, power.
    Far more valuable than a bloody horn!

    Good video though, and the car missed you. THAT'S the important thing.
  14. Irritating. Hardly an emergency.

    'Australia's got talent' anybody? Idol? Good thing I don't have the cam / mic inside my helmet. My singing is much much worse, and I sing Kevin Bloody Wilson songs.

    Unless I'm riding a Vespa towing a trailer with a billboard on it, in which case I tend to sing 'Born to be Wild' at the top of my lungs. I'm still not sure this isn't the true reason I got fired.
  15. I'd pay to see that kneedragon.
  16. Hey guys, thanks for the responses!

    Regarding the horn: it’s not very useful for safety, is it? In this case the horn wasn’t a defensive move, just an “I’m angry with you” signal. There’s a delay between when the car starts swinging across and when I hit the horn – that’s me braking and getting control of the situation. Then I hit the button once the danger has past.
    The problem with the horn is that it’s a reactive move. Normally, by the time a car starts doing something dangerous it’s pretty much too late. I’m pretty sure if my Hornet’s pipe wasn’t so silent this situation may have been avoid, though.

    Regarding the singing: Can’t help myself! But at least you didn’t catch my rapping or death-metal growling. That might have required some crafty editing.

    Hey Bennjamin, thanks for your input. I don’t really agree with most of what you said. For starters, I’m not riding on his tail and I don’t speed up at all to pass him as I change lanes. Secondly, I was anticipating the danger and pre-empting it. If you turn the volume up, you’ll hear that soon as he starts slowing a little earlier than you’d expect for that roundabout, I’m backing off the throttle. I’ve slowed down a lot before his car even starts moving across, which is the only reason I’m not next to him at the time. Secondly, him slowing down has the effect of putting me into his blind spot, so I’ve moved to the opposite side of the lane with an open escape route on my right. Of course, this makes the blind spot worse, but since I was expecting him to try to come across I sure as hell didn’t want to be right next to him.
    Lastly, maybe it is a situation that most people have been in – if that’s the case then most people are terrible drivers. If you merge left or right, do a head check, even if you’re sure no one is there. I can’t believe how simple it is. I’ve only been on the bike for a year and I’ve made mistakes, but I have NEVER EVER changed lanes without looking over my shoulder. But then I'm preaching to the choir, aren't I?
  17. I over reacted to an incident a couple of days ago. I don't think it does our image as riders any good come to think of it. I know a guy who actually suggests kicking people's mirrors off in such cases.

    I've made honest (and even stupid) mistakes while driving a car over the years as well which I regretted at the time and being abused for it wasn't really that helpful. Not that I have any better suggestions mind you.

  18. Agreed. This is a common occurrence. Its a good thing you were pre-empting the car coming across on you.

    Although, I must admit im certainly guilty of giving a fair verbal spraying in similar circumstances..... never kicked off a mirror though..... I like the old two fingers up to your eyes and yelling 'use em' before giving the middle one.