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Using your bike gear as snow gear.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by boondock, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Just wondering what peoples opinion is. Winter waterproof gloves would make warm snow gloves with some thermals??? A dry rider jacket is more then enough protection and warmth for the snow???

  2. Do you need that much protection from snow???

    Its a good idea though if you dont have winter cloths for snow.
  3. You don't need the armour.
    It may be constrictive for activities such as skiing, etc.

    Ski gear is usually bright coloured so you're easy to find in the snow if something bad happens: DriRiders; not so much...

    Prolly keep you warm.
    Last time I went to the snow, we weren't going anything except a bit of mucking around on our feet: so woolly socks, steel-cap boots, jeans, 2 t-shirts and a decent jacket + beanie kept me just toasty.

    Hands in pockets while outside, or wear gloves :)
  4. if you fall it shouldn't hurt much, plus you could always take the armour our of the elbow and shoulders.
  5. We had a ride up Mt. Baw Baw at the end of the snow season last year, and the bike gear worked well to keep warm + dry in the snow and ice when we dismounted our bikes and ran off into the snow to goof off.

    Bike armour ticks all the right boxes:
    * Windproof
    * Waterproof (Well, textiles are)
    * Warm
    * Bright red jackets? :)
  6. Well, you won't need a toboggan, just slide down that hill head first!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. wear your leathers so you look kewl.
  8. I would wear my Dri-Rider gear on the slopes when I had to supervise the kiddies on school camp and swore by it. Also wore my boots :eek:

    Quite often only needed a set of thermals underneath :cool: