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Using waxes on helmets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by snuff3r, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Odd question. I have an Arai RX-Q helmet and over the past few years the external area where the visor lowers over the opening has gotten light scratching from the visor rubbing against it as it comes down.

    Has anyone ever used cut and polish waxes on their helmet? Is there any reason why i shouldn't use a car/bike wax on a helmet?

  2. Not that I can think of on a composite helmet. The outer finish is paint and decals so it's not like you're applying anything to the shell material itself. I'd be slightly more cautious with a self-coloured polycarb lid (because you'd be applying the goop directly to the helmet's structure rather than to a paint layer). Even so, I can't see most finishing products containing sufficiently aggressive solvents to significantly affect the plastic.
  3. That was my thought. It's a composite helmet with paint and decals. So long as it doesn't damage the decals, i might give it a go.
  4. I use plexus or mr sheen to polish the helmet area after a good visor clean.
  5. +1.

    Plexus user myself. Use a micro-fibre cloth (dip it in warm water if possible) to give it a clean rub and then use a dry micro-fibre to wipe it dry. Once done - use Plexus.
  6. Never uaed it myself but a quick Google shows some say to avoid petroleum-based polishes and to use a plastic polish of which Plexus is one.
  7. If I had money, I would buy shares in plexus! Outstanding stuff.
    Mr sheen is great to!
    Arai helmets have a clear coat over them. I'd be veeery carefully using any kind of light cutting compound to remove scratches, but 'Mothers' makes a effing brilliant light scratch remover that could work. I've used it on the tank to remove light scuffs, carefully.
  8. Yep my Arai RX-Q comes up with plexus nicely :p.
  9. +1 For Plexus magic stuff even use it on all the bike plastics...Cheers Tezza
  10. I'm the bloke who's wife is always yelling at him because she can't find the Mr Sheen, cause it's usually in my cleaning bucket ..

    Plexus is great stuff, Mr Sheen is just quicker
  11. all this talk about helmet waxing

    this is a family orientated forum you know :)
  12. Plexus is the way to go
  13. Yep, Plexus rocks. I use it during rides to clean bugs off my visor at stops (kindda hard to spray it on when on the fly!) as well as on the whole bike after a wash. $26 per can and I use it all the time, lasted nearly a year so far...