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Using throttle Vs Brake ( Wheelies )

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wang chung, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. I've read in a few different places that you cover your brake when doing wheelies.

    Me in First gear - not going past 1st gear.
    Is there any point in me doing it?

    Engine compression brings me back down hard when i go "high" and scare myself :?

    I guess i can understand in higher gears, where compression might not be so good ?

  2. Its always just good to cover you back brake just in case. Are you just rolling on the power to get the front end up or are you popping the clutch?
  3. I'm doing them clutch because thats the safest method apparently
  4. A safe wheelie?? WOW!!! :LOL:

    edit: I realised you were talking about the method and not the actual wheelie, my bad.
  5. Mat, I need to figure this out as well, I wheelie everywhere without covering the rear brake and modulate the throttle to bring it down - well before the redline, which leaves enough acceleration to soften the landing on the way down.

    My understanding of the rear brake technique is that you cover the pedal and once you're up nice and high you use a combination of brake and throttle to keep yourself at the required height, playing off one against the other. It's a smoother way to reduce height than snapping off the throttle - which can jerk the bike due to drive train lash and bring you down fast.

    A touch of rear brake with the throttle still on can balance things much smoother, and a stomp of the pedal can save your arse if things are going overboard.

    ...Still, I haven't got my head around them!
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    one time you will clutch up too hard and if you're not covering brake, you will close the throttle and it will not save you. always cover brakes. if you're doing basic sitdowns or stand ups, learn to bring your wheelie down on brakes, not throttle. train yourself to use that instinct.

    if you wanna do slow wheelies, you need the brake. you have to clutch up hard straight to bp then catch the bike with brakes. like so: [media=youtube]3F51fc50uBw[/media]

    but some people also overly rely on brakes and have crap throttle control. if you're really good with throttle, it will help you with spreaders, high chairs and off peg wheelies.
  7. I'm no one wheeled champion, but I'd discourage relying on the back brake but rather learn the throttle control.

    If you get scared and slam that rear brake then the bike will come down fast and hard. I've seen steering bulk-heads cracked.

    I'm open to correction, but a good mono is purely throttle control.
  8. the brake is mainly to cover your arse, if you can't keep control of the bike using just your throttle keep it on 2 wheels, i pop small power wheelies in 1st and an accidental couple in second.