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Using the side stand

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. In keeping with the quality if recent threads on NR, I would NOT be interested in hearing how you guys use your side stand.

    I mean, do you turn the bike off and then put your side stand down or is it side stand first?
    And for instance, Do you use it every time you get off your bike, I wonder?

    Do you prefer to ride with it down all the time, so if you need to stop it already there waiting, or do you prefer to deploy it only when you' ve stopped.

    Personally, I hate the danged things....to dangerous for me! Riders have so many falls because their side stand failed in some way (sank into the ground while washing the bike, for instance)

    Crash Statistics prove that the side stand is one of the most dangerous features on bikes, way ahead of poorly adjusted headlights and blinkers that won't turn off.

    It's time the government stepped in, and regulated it's use. To help reduce the number of side stand accidents, and subsequent TAC claims.
    Insurance companies agree, that side stand crashes are driving up premiums and would

    like to see them (side stands) removed from all bikes!
  2. I've velcroed a knee slider to my stand.
  3. I always use the clutch when I put the sidestand up or down.
    Bikes have a clutch for a reason.
  4. i've hired someone to hold my bike up when I am not using it
  5. I've owned several bikes without sidestands. Combined with crap or broken centrestands, the experience has left me with a keener interest than the average dog in lamp posts, power poles, post boxes and other assorted street furniture :D.
  6. I use mine, but ONLY when the killswitch is in the 'ON' position.
    Otherwise, my laces get caught in the pegs...
  7. haha...
  8. Interesting concept for us Cruiser riders.......no side stand........but as aaahhh inferred it could do a lot for the unemployment numbers!!!
  9. I don't actually have a sidestand, I keep an upside down cat on one side, & piece of toast buttered side up on the other & it just stays upright.
  10. I can't decide if you're being serious or you've got your tongue so far in your cheek its coming out your ear...

    @Megabite: you could just rest your bike on the footpegs instead... Not much difference between the two. o_O

    @MV: hang on, a piece of toast will land buttered side up if the carpet is really cheap. It only lands buttered side down on expensive stuff.
  11. I find if I take my left glove off first, the stand is much more efficient and leads to increased stationary corner speed.
  12. I wasn't aware of that, I better not park my bike on any cheap carpet in the future.
  13. Easy fix - just have a belly pan lined with expensive carpet. Sorted.

    My concern is that we dont have an current Australian data linking side stands to kitten morbidity/mortality rates. Rob may be working on a meta analysis though along with everything else :)

    Of course, this means that soon the plod will be checking for side stand eliminators, but then of course we need to consider the big question:

    If a bike falls due to a defective side stand, and no-one hears it fall, did the rider fail to maintain proper control?

    So many questions...

  14. Just stoppie at exactly at the right speed when coming to park the bike, perform a simple pirouette dismount and the bike just sits it self down nice and gently on the seat, no side stand needed, and its much eaiser to tinker with the mechanics in this position, although I do struggle to change the oil.
  15. Nah, disconnect the cutout, keep the stand down then
    find a wideish gravel rd and practise your lefties by marking your signature on the gravel.

  16. Bewdie, you guys are clearly taking this desperate situation seriously, as I suspected you would given the subject at hand.

    I didn't mention it before because of the furor it may have created, but in a routine license check last week-end while my bike is in the for repairs, I actually had my side stand checked. Fortunately it was the right length, and hadn't yet fitted my side stand ellininator.

    The cop did say to me, that riders were trying to modify their bikes and removing the side stand.
    Apparanty, the noise it makes when removed, is causing alot of complaints, so they are cracking down.
  17. i just crash my bike every time i want to stop. side stands are for pussies.

    left glove first, kill switch in the off position, then tie your shoe laces.
  18. Now there is something that I just never thought of...what a cracker of an idea.!!! :))
    Creates jobs, promotes fitness (afterall your 'bike attendant' has be wherever you decide to stop, and running behind to keep pace, is mandatory)

    Actually, that's a great idea for a company. We'll call them Personal Bike Handlers. Train them up, and rent them out on a per kilometer rate
  19. I nod when I put my side stand down
  20. Mmm.. A very relevant and insightful question. However... In keeping with the current " failure to maintain proper control", implementation, it is likely that the side stand collisions, will be treated the same way, unfortunately.