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Using the shoulder on a freeway

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Matchstick01, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Using the shaulder on a freeway

    Hey guys
    I have been driving for the past 2 weeks due to my bike being fixed in the shop (regulator went) and have noticed most motorbikes on the m5 in sydney seemed to use the shaulder to just go past everyone when traffic is near standstill. I've already rung the copshop about their opinion on overtaking in the same lane and lane cutting at traffic lights, and they said its like j walking, its unlikely you would get booked for it. Is it the same for undertaking using the shaulder of a freeway? What is your opinions on it? Whats the likelyhood of cop trouble doing it? Hopefully will have my bike back this w/e and am tossing up whether to start using the freeway or not. The freeway will save me lots of time if use the shaulder, but will cause me to lose lots of time if i don't. Also, do you ever have problems with cars pulling out in front of you on the shaulder because they haven't checked asuming no one would be there? Any input is appreciated.

  2. Unless the police are there on motorcycles themseleves, how are they going to police it???
  3. Undertaking is very dangerous not that i havent done it occaisionally :shock: You are better of lane splitting at a slow pace :cool: with your high beams on and a loud pipe
  4. I ride the Monash car park and do not use the shoulder, too unpredictable and puncture city. :evil:

    Lanesplit is the way to go. :grin:
  5. I ride the shoulder on James Ruse Drive. still that is very wide so if someone pulls out then you have room to move. Also I don't do the full 90kph, I will usually sit about 60 only because you don't know what could happen and the fact that the shoulder has all the crap that has been swept of the actual lanes, so there is a greater chance of a puncture. I haven't run into any trouble yet. It should be a good way to get a good line to whereever you are going, just keep an eye out and take it more carefully.
  6. Yeah way too much crap on that part of the road. Plus there's always the chance of being squished against the wall should a car suddenly decide to pull into the emergency lane, they're not going to expect a vehicle to be there so are unlikely to look.
  7. Friend came around a corner on the shoulder and there was half a pallet of bricks that had fallen off a truck there...
  8. At times the cops get red hot on this one, in Vic.
    The big objection is that it very often is an emergency lane ie. for emergency vehicles like ambulances to use in heavy traffic conditions (like, derrrh, when a serious accident occurs).
    If vehicles start taking liberties using this lane, in no time at all it will get filled up with "me too" cagers and emergency access is out the window.
    So they throw the book at you. And rightly so. Don't do it.
  9. I was once splitting up the shoulder on an arterial road right a dusk. Didn't see the tree lying on the road.

    Th emost embarassing part is car drivers that offer to help. As if my pride isn't hurt enough without cars full of people taking pity on me. Stayed there long enough for all the car who saw what happened to be well down the road before I took off again...
  10. The left hand lane is way to dangerous even though it looks like it should'nt be. Just imagine mum in the car with screaming baby she will not bother to look when she suddenly pulls left.
    Lane splitting even though it looks dangerous is safe for the following reasons .
    1) Cars rarely come within a metre of each other.
    2) You don't have to worry about cars running into the back of you (the very reason I started lane splitting 18 years ago)
    3) Once you have obtained the swartz you can predict car drivers movements.
    Golden rules of lane spitting.
    1) Always be able to stop in one car length
    2) Be wary of gaps the car on the left or right they may suddenly decide to change lanes
    3) Rev your engine (because it sounds good echoing off cars and it scares the shit out of them)
    4) If a car blocks you off it's because his mirror must be miss ajusted, be a good citizen and re-ajust it for him (failing this you can attempt to pop that dent out of his door with your steel cap boots)
    In my experiance if you don't lane split the likely hood of being wiped out by a car increases dramaticly because if you are stuck in traffic with them you have to consider cars coming at you from all directions. If you get to the front of the traffic you only have to think about what is directly in front of you.
    May the SWARTZ be with you.
  11. M2 in sydeny ever one on a bike uses the emergency lane, and if they are spliting after they see me fly past they go fcuk it and join in aswell. I would never seen a cop on that part of the road.

    However i did get booked for using the shoulder on winsdor road by a bike cop that chased me down.
  12. Aaaah, I see your Schwartz is as big as mine...

  13. This is actually the reason I'm going for my L's. Some mornings it takes me up to 1.5 hrs to get to work on the M5! If I get on a bike and use the break down lane, like all the other bikers in the morning, I think it would take me about 30min to get to work! Am I getting my L's for all the wrong reasons?
  14. Tony you shall burn in hell, like all good bikers. :demon:

    mate I got my licence because I wanted to ride a motorbike, I justified it by quoting no car park costs, less petrol, cut 40 min of commute etc etc. :blah:

    So if you want a bike cause you want to ride, then do it. If it is ONLY a money saving exercise you are going to hate it on the first cold/wet/windy day and you will buy another car and the bike gods will not be happy :driver:
  15. I try not to use the left emergency stopping lane coz I've had more close calls using that then lane splitting on the Monash...

    Plus there's far too much crap on the shoulder and I frequently see cars swerve into the emergency stopping lane with no head checks... much safer to split at 15-20km/h faster than the moving traffic IMO
  16. i guess i dont really do this very much coming from newcastle, but i have noticed that the bike goes through traffic ALOT easier than a car...

  17. I love those signs that say "cyclists use left shoulder." When I was a kid I tried to work out how you'd do that.

    These days I have an urge to run around writing "Simon says" at the top of them.
  18. I love those signs that say "cyclists use left shoulder." When I was a kid I tried to work out how you'd do that.

    These days I have an urge to run around writing "Simon says" at the top of them.
  20. yeah yeah, i know i shouldn't, but i do.... slowly, carefully, for all the same reasons quoted above... but i'm a yep!