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Using the clutch..... Take 2

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by heffa, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Ok, I'm about to start riding with a pillion for the first time, so I have been working on my shifting a bit to smooth things out. As such, I've been reading up on clutching suggestions for riding.
    The "Using the clutch...." thread (https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=38306) was kinda helpful, but got kinda off topic and didnt mention downshifting much (only interested in bike shifting. Dont need to know about car shifting techniques).
    So, what are peoples opinions on clutching/not clutching when braking and downshifting?

  2. Assuming you are talking about clutchless shifting....

    shift up- close the throttle, kick the gear up and reopen the throttle

    shift down- open the throttle and quickly kick the gear down, this will make a beautiful noise as the revs drop :)
  3. Clutchless shifting is one of those topics (like oil :roll:) where you will never get one clear answer. Correct me if I'm wrong but the way I read the general consensus whenever this topic appears is:

    - Clutchless upshifting: go nuts, can do it easily and without damage as long as the revs are good and you close the throttle.

    - Clutchless downshifting: not recommended, do it at your (or your engines) own risk.

    Certainly don't take this as gospel, search the intarwebz and gather as many different opinions as you can.

    You should be able to downshift smoothly using the clutch, blipping and braking while you go anyway.
  4. If you're talking about with a pillion - use the clutch - it helps to keep things that little bit smoother.

    If you're talking about without a pillion - whatever you feel comfortable with. I sometimes do, and sometimes don't.
  5. Wouldnt bother clutchless shifting with a pillion. The only times i clutchless shift are when im giving it to her. Something i wouldnt recommend doing if youre pillioning for the first time. Depending on the bike, you would be suprised at how quick the front may come up with the extra weight on the back and full throttle being applied. Also, if youre no good at it(clutchless), you can get a decent jolt at the gear change which wouldnt be comfortable for a pillion. Dont know how experienced you are but if youre a relative noob, your pillion may be a little iffy about getting on the bike in the first place and jerky gear changes wont inspire confidence in them.

    You dont really even need to close the throttle completely for a smooth clutchless gear change. Just a slight back off then straight back on it. Just a flick of the wrist really.

  6. Am I the only person who had to double-take to realise he was talking about the bike, not the pillion? :D
  7. I always clutch as i guess im too scared to blow the box
  8. only down side i see to using the clutch to slow down is the fact that no BRAKE lights come on.. which is a bad thing if the person driving - riding behind you is not aware as they may not see you slow down and ram right up your backside
  9. just pull the front brake light enough for it to click ( the light comes on ) but not enough to brake.
  10. Umm..unless you are good at it, I would'nt attempt to change gears without the clutch while upshifting OR downshifting, with a pillion on the back...If you are'nt slick with your timing, it can throw them around and will cause excessive strain on your drivetrain/gearbox, in the lower gears. (Not so bad in the upper 3 gears though).

    Even if you ARE good at clutchless shifting, I still would'nt bother with it when you've got a pillion....as a general rule...

    Is there a reason that you particularly need/want to do clutchless shifts?
  11. Thanks for da feedback guys.
    Yeah, after a bit of tinkering with and without clutch, I think I get smoothest changes with clutch.
    Its odd, I cant get my clutchless changes as smooth on my 650 as I used to on my 250.

    Yeah, bit of a freudian slip.
  12. Yeah, I only do clutchless while on freeway and my hnd is wedged on my hip.. : \