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Using shopping centre carparks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twitchel, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. What do most people do when they visit a shopping centre on their bike? Do you guys usually grab a ticket and do as a car normally would, or do you skip the barrier?

    Also, do you guys park your bikes in a car spot, or find some section of the car park thats hashed out behind bollards or something?

    Newish rider here, so asking our of pure interest.
  2. I'm a cautious person, so I always go through the same process as I do when in the car, even if there's a means of avoiding it. I always look for a bike-only park too, 'cos I feel a bit bad about taking up a space that a lady with two fractious children might need, (or an old lady).
  3. I don't grab a ticket but I also don't use the car spots. I see it as only fair.
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  4. I have always been curious of this question myself too.
  5. Westfield Bondi Junction has bike parking on the outside of the exit boom gates.
    So you need to take a ticket to get it unless you have a tiny bike that fits past the entry gate, but you go straight to the exit, put the ticket in and then park as you pass the gate.
    I think they have realised many riders will just slide past the gate at exit anyway.

    I don't park my bikes in shopping centres...
  6. @Fa1c0n@Fa1c0n Good point there mate.

    I wonder if some centres get dicky at you though for not parking in spots.

    Main reason im asking this is im thinking of ditching the car soon, and only having the bike. May need to go shopping occasionally and this thought just popped into my head :)
  7. They shouldn't, you are making a space for another customer.
  8. Exactly... Thought they would get more dicky if you didn't pay and then parked in a car spot.
  9. Me, I park on the concrete paving near the front door :greedy:. One (probably the only) advantage of living in Vic. Mind, you, havent tried that in a PAID car park.
  10. they shouldn't, because you ARE another customer:D
  11. That's why I said "another" not "a". Unless you're there to rob the joint I guess.
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  12. Me too. I park it as close to a main door as I can without it being in someone's way.
    It's funny, I often gets lots of comments from shoppers about its looks, or what kind of bike etc but I've never heard any complaints.
  13. comprehension fail on my part :D
  14. Don't worry, you're no orphan, happens to me all the time:)
  15. And where would you display the ticket you bought???
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  16. I'm of the opinion that shopping centre managements with a clue know the angst of an exiting biker and the displeasure suffered by their following caged counterparts who have to wait through a somewhat agonising process.

    It's a rare biker who doesn't get back to their bike already stressed from juggling their helmet and shopping bags, and being drenched in sweat at this time of year due to multiple layers of anti-freeze clothing.

    Your thoughts are already galvanising as to how you are going to feed your ticket into the boom beast at the exit. Guaranteed most of us who aren't wearing an open-face helmet (them having their own issues with a saliva-drenched ticket) will go with the traditional wedge-it-between-the-tank-and-seat solution.

    That's fine at the time you place it there without gloves on, leaving enough exposed ticket that you're sure you can grab it once gloved. However, when you sit on the bike, the seat concaves in slightly, allowing the ticket to slide further into its snug crevice.

    Then you're at the boom gate, balancing the bike, thumbing the ticket upwards against the tank, trying to get enough purchase that you can pincer it with your leather-covered forefinger. Once grabbed, you now hold it very awkwardly and try to angle it into the beast's slot. An elephant wiping its arse with a piece of confetti has an easier time! And don't even talk about dropping it.

    Clever shopping centres with a bike rider amongst their management team know this dilemma. They cut off the end of the boom gate so bikers can pass through sans ticket. And these are the shopping centres ye riders shall give your patronage.
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  17. LOL

    On topic though, i just park on the footpath near the door out the way.. i hardly park in paid parking but when i do its such a wank to get a ticket going in and getting out.

    I have always paid when i am forced to park in paid parking which is once in a blue moon... i guess i just don't have the conscience to drive out without paying..

    I love being able to park on footpaths though.
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  18. My local shopping centre, at Carlingford, has the vast total of ONE marked space for Bikes.

    I thought I was the only bike rider to know where it is, but, a couple of days ago, I had to go into the centre to pick up something.

    I rode in on the BMW, headed for the space, and there it was, full of another motorbike!

    So I cruised round, and found an empty car space, marked "Seniors Parking Only".

    So I parking in that space.

    When I got back to the bike, after collecting the item, I got some funny looks as I was getting the gear back on, but I felt no remorse as I had my Seniors Card in my pocket, and I had complained to the centre management about the lack of motorbike parking, especially for Seniors, in the past.

    If I go into the centre on the 125, or the scooter, I quite often park in the space for bicycles, as I have never seen anyone park a pushie there.
  19. General rule of thumb for me is if I can get around the boom gates & don't take up a park, all good.

    There's usually ample footpath parking though, so that's where I usually park. Not applicable outside of Vic though, obviously :)
  20. That guy really needs to learn how to reverse park, especially if he insists on using a tank like that.