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Using Reserve

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MystDmeanr, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Hi guys and gurls,

    ok this i what iam wondering, are there any problems if i ride the bike on Reserve fuel on all the time (apart from not knowing when your fuels bout to run dry),

    Does it still draw fuel from the main tank?

    The reason iam asking cuz i dont use the reserve that much and i top up the tank when it hits 300km.

    I know bout the water and dirt build up in the reserve and was thinkning that if i the reserve is always on the build up willl be minimal.

    Any advice or infor on this subject will be helpfull.

  2. yeah, yeah APART FROM.....

    one day, as the advert said, you're going to get caught (with your pants down) on reserve by default and end up pushing it to the nearest servo.

    Play it safe and use the tap the way the manufacturers intended.
  3. You only have one fuel supply, the difference between ON and RES is where the fuel pickup is located in the tank. There's no problems in never using reserve (unless the fuel tap seizes up from lack of use), riding should provide more than enough agitation to keep the contents of the tank fairly well mixed.
  4. Good advice jd, I am lucky I just get a flashing light that tells me when I hit reserve, but on the VTR I have always used the on position, and a couple of times hit the reserve.

    Safest option is leave it in the on position, you just never know.
  5. Like the lucky V-strom owner I stopped to check on once who was pushing his bike to the nearest servo having discovered the hard way that his reserve light globe had blown (isn't technology great :LOL:).
  6. thanks for the advice guys, yea ill stick with the fuel tap on, it would be a biach to push the bike to the nearest pit stop.

  7. I always use the res for about 10 or so kays to clear it up every now and again, when I first got my bike, I got stuck some where mainly because the previous owner didnt use the res, so when I used it, it sucked up crap or what ever that was laying there dormant, and took an age to get going again.
  8. Was that around Ballarat...and a sorta "dressed-down" V-Strom?
    No side fairing panels? V-Strom painted on the radiator? Silver bike?
    Possibly a blue esky as a topcase?

    PLEASE!!! I HAVE to know !!! :LOL: :LOL:
    There's some gleeful phonecall in this :LOL: :p :p
  9. Was just before the first Melton offramp (heading towards Melbourne) and fairly sure it was a silver V-strom, but I'm not sure of the other details since I wasn't stopped long and didn't have a really good look at the bike (was also more than a month ago - December 10 to be precise). Wasn't much I could do to help, even if I'd had a container suitable for fuel there was no easy way to get back to him (it was a downhill push at least).
  10. Well if you have RACV membership its not a worry bc
    youre covered for fuel :p

    On a few occassions I've run till I had nothing left & rang
    em to put fuel in for me :LOL:

    Since the increase in petrol costs, theres been an increase
    in assistance required for people who have run out of fuel
  11. OK, I'll punt on this one.... tks for the info.
    If that was who I think it was.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I always use reserve. That is, I run the fuel level down to reserve, usually to try and gauge the bike's economy by noting how far to reserve I can get. So, whatever crap that there may be in the tank, it's not sitting there long enough to build up, as if anything's there, it's pulled through.

    Besides, the fuel line has a filter and it's rare to get water in the tank, particularly given that it's garaged, and I usually fuel up at busy servos.
  13. :) OK this makes sense. However...

    on Wednesday my Spada conked out (fuel). So I switched to reserve, still no joy. Ended up pushing to the next servo (not far away really). Started 1st go after fill-up :?

    Is there a good logical reason why this would happen?

    ps glad I found this thread, was going to post a new one along the lines of "how do I fill up my reserve tank and where is it?!?! ](*,) "
  14. I found out the hard way exactly how many K's I can get out of a full tank......
    some cheeky smart ar*e at work turned the tap off for me ....hmmm.
    so now I check it everytime I get on it, if its been left unattended.
    I reckon it was a fellow rider...cos non of the cagers would have even known about the reserve!
    Only other guy it could have been is the security guy I had a run in with over parking my bike in a "car space"...he wanted me to park over yonder....right near the front gate..like F*ck I'm gonna leave my baby out near the front gate for someone to come along and pick her up and slide into the back of a ute.
    Anyway..moral of the story...check your tap after leaving your bike unattended!
  15. Maybe it takes a while to get fuel back through the lines and into the engine. Because it uses the fuel in the lines then the lines empty out. When you flick it over to reserve from on, you have to wait for the Fuel to come back through the lines to the engine, sometimes takes a few goes at trying to start it, as the fuel has to suck through.
  16. If you run out of fuel before you hit reserve (and you haven't managed to flick it over to reserve in time) your carbies will be empty. You need to prime it otherwise you'll flood your engine trying to start it.

    Alternatively, you may have some luck opening the tank to let some circulation through, though I can't guarantee that'd work too well.