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Using Nitrogen in your tires

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Unconnected, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. My mate was talking to me about how he runs nitrogen in his cars semi slick, and that the main benefit is that the pressure is consistent when the tire is both hot and cold as the nitrogen does not expand in the same way that air does. Apparently JAX can supply nitrogen at $5 per tire.

    Does anyone have any experience with using nitrogen in their bikes tires? is it worth the $10 cost compared to the $0 cost of using air at the servo?
  2. Not experience with it in bikes but I can tell you that the nitrogen fill does not work with car tyres as they advertise.

    I tried running N2 in my race car tyres because of this supposed lack of expansion, but all it did was reduce the pressure increase from about 8psi cold/hot to 6 or 7 psi. Goodyear worldwide refuse to use N2 fills because they believe it is false advertising.

    I even tried the "internet method" of inflating then deflating the tyres three times to minimise the residual "air" but still no perceivable benefit.

    Race car teams normally use N2 because they have big bottles of the stuff around for running rattle guns, air jacks etc. They use N2 because air contains oxygen, and at the pressures needed for their use, spontaneous combustion of any grease or oil MAY occur, so N2 it is for safety reasons.

    So, as you may have already guessed, my answer is no, its not worth it, especially on the street, and not even at the track unless you happen to have it there and convenient. Air is 78% N2 anyway from memory, its the moisture in air that is the major problem anyway.
  3. wouldnt do it.

    air is fine. the pressure changes but that is one of the big things that help set your bike up.

    i dont see anyone at state racing level using nitrogen.
  4. $10 for fools who aren't aware of the ordinary composition of air
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  5. So, you could basically use an air compressor with a moisture filter to get the same results? (Lets assume you have one anyways)
  6. For normal road riding it wont make a scrap of difference.
  7. [​IMG]

    But seriously mate, it's a miracle cure for that ever so slooooww leak from your tyres.

    If you are worried about the amount of water vapour in the air in your tyres you could always run a refrigeration cycle around your home air compressor to condense the water out. And it would work.
  8. It works if you can find a place who has the proper tools to do the inflation.
    All the air has to be sucked out before the N2 can go in for it to work to it's best.
    I've used it in my car at the track and it may give another lap or two before the street tyres go off.
    In my heavy pig that's takes it from about four to six laps.
    Bike tyres are more sport orientated than the car tyres and I don't have that much of a problem with tyres going off on my bike. Usually they can take six to eight laps. They look like crap and have that strange blueish sheen to them. but still grip like poo to your shoe. Where as the cars just give up and squeal and slide.
  9. Consistent pressures is one of the benefits of nitrogen, as well as removing the moisture from the air inside. As the N2 molecules are larger than standard garden variety air it also helps to stop that mysterious "my pressures have gone down while my bike sat around for a few weeks" problem. But we all check out pressures before we ride, don't we........????????

    In cars for people who don't check their pressures often, would recommend it. Not so much of a benefit for bikes though.

  10. Mmm...nitrogen...that ol' argument.

    And it's still as useless as it was the first time around.
  11. Yeh, those molecules of air are pretty damn small, aren't they?
  12. I can't afford the good stuff, but for those on a budget you can get a 78% nitrogen mix much cheaper. I've been using it for decades and it works fine :D.
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  13. The little bastards really sneak past the big rubber atoms.
  14. The GTR uses nitrogen tyres from factory
  15. i just like the little red nipple covers they give you.

    That is so wrong.
  16. tYres](*,)
  17. Big lols for gsxxer above... :D

    Apart from that and a few other comments, sooo much science fail!

    I feel like a spoilsport, but for those who need a damn good whapping with the Klu Stik(TM):

    Air is about 80% nitrogen already, about 20% oxygen and a smidge of a couple of other things. Nitrogen is *before* oxygen on the Periodic Table, so nitrogen molecules are *smaller* than oxygen molecules and umm... the same size as nitrogen molecules...

    And nitrogen sure as hell expands when it is heated... otherwise there'd be no wind!

    So many taxes on those who don't learn how the world works...
  18. How do they suck all the air out of the tyres anyway? To purge the space properly, I would've thought that you'd need an entry and exit point for the gas flow.

    And finally, who here is good enough a rider to pick the difference between a couple of PSI in their tyres and who ride "on the edge" enough so it makes a difference, anyway?