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N/A | National Using mounted video camera footage for the forces of good

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by golgy, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Howdy everyone!

    As a point of safety, record collection and mostly the *sheer* number of close calls due to inattentive drivers who cannot observe and drive safely, I've begun recording my daily commute on my new helmet-mounted video cam ( a ContourHD, if people wish to know ).

    My question to the Netrider community is - what, if anything should i do with some of the footage? Are there any groups/authorities that may be interested in such? Would it be harmful to create a Youtube channel ( call it : close calls as a daily rider, or whatever. nothing offensive ) and post all the crazy stuff that happens? There's some really obviously illegal stuff ( Ferrari's passing at 130/140km/hr on the freeway, etc ) and some just plain negligent driving ( driving whilst on phones, not signaling whilst crossing 2, 3 or sometimes the entire freeway ).

    What do you lot think?
  2. Ferrari must be in 2nd gear :-k

    At least thats the responsible place to stretch a vehicles legs.

    Its also easy pickings for sloppy profit driven enforcement.

    Lets face it, the cops arent going to solve the negligent driving issue, and we shouldnt expect them to. Punitive measures arent the answer there.

    If you can use the footage for pushing an educational agenda then that would be much better.

    Stress the need for training, not punishment (aka profit)
  3. If anything, clip out what you want and post it on youtube so that you know you'll always have the footage granted that it is not deleted by youtube (unlikely).

    That way you dont have hundreds and thousands of megabytes clogging up your hard drive which has better things to be clogged up with, like hundreds and thousands of megabytes of p0rn. :D
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    Put edited bits on Youtube. Its only good when it catches an incident and you need to edit the footage first to isolate the incident.

    I and many others have put stuff up, my latest are here:


    [URL="]Road Sharing[/URL]

    [URL="]Demonstrating a Road Sharing point[/URL]

    It all depends on what message you have, and what point you want to make. What is your audience?

    How many close calls have you had? One would have to ask why you are having close calls. I haven't had a close call for quite a long time - and that's in at least the last 1/2 million km. In fact I would have to manufacture such footage, because I just don't put myself in situation where I'm likely to have a near miss unless you mean the one which [URL="
    ]Loz recorded recently[/URL] (which has now had over 1/4 million views).

    Remember, that people who see it are going to interpret it in differing ways - depending on their degree of riding experience.
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  5. If you take the footage to the Police be prepared to go to court if you want anything done by them. Know your time, date, place and be able to identify the driver (don't mean by name, though that would be great.) I personally would only take it to the Police if it involved me.

    I posted this in another thread but it will fit here as well.
    If Joe Blow rings up or goes into Police Station after witnessing something, if he wants something done he will Have to make a statement, then on the weight of the statement Police will act one way or the other. Dismiss due to No Offence Disclosed or there is an offence so an investigation is warranted.

    If they take on the matter then the accused will be interviewed, depending on what is or isn't said. From that the Police will act one way or another. Dismiss due to not enough evidence or there is an offence so an investigation is warranted.

    If they decide that there is enough evidence then depending on the offence a ticket will be issued or a Brief of Evidence will be prepared so the accused goes to court.

    If the accused contests the ticket or it went straight to court, then the witness who reported it and made the statement will have to go to court to give their evidence.

    It all comes down to both parties giving their evidence and the Magistrate ruling on who he believes the most.
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  6. I fail to see a problem here.
    Was the speed appropriate for the vehicle and conditions?
  7. No point being obtuse here, Damo.

    We're all well aware that the current speed limits MAY or MAY NOT actually reflect what the road is capable of. Just because we disagree with the current limitations that are set, does not give us carte blanche to open the throttle and exceed the posted limits. As a group, surely if we want to hold other road users accountable for their actions, we can't set off on the wrong foot by saying "we are a better judge of the roads than the law, therefore we will break the law when we see fit".
  8. Sure we can:

    1. Laws are flawed
    2. Laws are written by people with varying agendas.
    3. People breaking laws and bringing the issues to light turns the wheels of change.
  9. I've used the ContourHD twice on my morning commute and haven't been cut off yet, but when I don't have the camera no doubt it'll happen a couple of times - what is it, Murphy's law?

    I see the point behind this post, but when the majority of the vehicles doing the speed limit or just over I see it as no different to when learners get restricted to 80km/h even on roads that are 100km/h+, it's just not safe as the majority of cars staying at the same speed on the freeway.

  10. We sure as hell can.
    Holding someone accountable for something that's actually dangerous is different from encouraging writing tickets for something that was appropriate even if technically illegal

    Especially when your thread title refers to using footage to do good.
  11. When a law is oppressive, we have a duty to scorn it.
  12. Doesn't make a scrap of difference if the skills of the ferrari driver aren't appropriate.

    Most sensible thing said here in ages.

    **** there are some piss funny threads on here lately.
  13. Use the footage for yourself if you are involved in an incident and NO other reason

    Otherwise you become either a vigilante or a stasi - esque stool pigeon

    and remember when you do something wrong and someone films you and gives it to the police - how will you feel

    Let he who is without sin throw the first stone

    or do you endorse citizen policing of one another like the old East Germany ?
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  14. must admit though......when driving the bus I've often thought to myself I'd love to be able to take a picture of the numpties driving in dense 2 lane, moving traffic using their handheld phones......[-(

    Like the young P=plater lass who thought she was being very sneaky.....
    texting on her phone with it in her lap, in her bag](*,).... well you know where her eyes were dont you......
    ....and the 30odd male in his 'hot Honda' accord dialing a number and weaved that much he came within a bees-dick of putting it under the wheels of a bogey trailer.......
    ..... and the silly bluddy soccer-mum in her 4x4 chatting away with two kids in the car that just rolled right through the roundabout without any thought to the 2 lanes of traffic already on the roundabout that had to brake hard to stop for her......... to this day I'm sure she was oblivious:-s

    Local papers should have a 'shame' section where you can send in photos of some of these pricks [-(
  15. Totally agree...and I, like many others, get mighty pissed off when I see it. But that is that moment in time. In 12 to 18 months time, one may find themselves sitting in a court trying to prove what they saw/took a photo of...question I then ask...was it worth it? I make sure they know they have not gone by me unnoticed however.
  16. =D> Now that could actually make the local cage liner interesting reading.
  17. On a side note, how do you feel about carrying a cam on the side of your helmet? I have a contourHD as well, but i've always been too embarrassed to put it on the side of my super-white helmet (i'd feel like a twit). Does anyone notice it?

    Only other place i can think of mounting it is on the fairings but i don't want to mark my impeccably clean bike :-(
  18. I think if you film people with this intention, don't cry when people start filming you when you overtake on unbroken.

    Karma is a biatch.
  19. I would be more worried about intrusion into the helmet during a crash than looks personally.
  20. filming whilst riding is a double edged sword in that any offences you should commit (not suggesting you do) will also be recorded.