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Using google earth to plan trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by egiste, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Well, Im thinking about a weekend away, I have an idea of where I want to go, and thought I would check out the roads (which I already know, but haven't ridden before).

    Today I fired up google earth for the first time in a long time and managed to take some awsome pics.

    Here is one stretch of road that the trip will include

    Am I just to geeky or is that seriously cool !! - both the road and the picture.

    Im sure if I plan this trip and post it with these types of pics, then there will be no end of people wanting to come !!
  2. Depends on the area. Many areas in Australia, especially regional are devoid of hi-res imagery at the moment. You can get lucky though:
    Any one pick this place? It is close to Sydney.
  3. Lol, its all in a file name ?? :grin:
  4. HawkesburyHeights, don't ask me how i know :p
  5. I couldn't make it too hard now could I. Here is another that proves that "The Matrix Has you!". Check out the water - this is not doctored!

  6. The new bridge on the old coast road north of Wollongong.....

    Sea Cliff Bridge (mental block there)
  7. i use google earth to plan trips. its great to see certin intersections , turning bays, landmarks. if you dont know the area, these landmarks such as big turning bays, divided roads, bridges etc well help you not get lost.

    i still get kicks out of seeing my van parked infront of my house on goole earth.. so glad that sucker is sold and have a bike again....
  8. I never get lost, Dante.

    People are always telling me where to go :LOL:
  9. groan..... let the door open on that 1 didnt we.
  10. invest in the Hema motorcycling atlas, 30 dollars at a good camping store

    Brilliant in planning trips, long and short, has top 100 rides in aus in it
  11. Not a very good idea concidering google earth images can be up to ten years old.

  12. Hey that's one sweet piece of road that!

    Best of all...
    It's about a 3 minute ride from my place! :p
  13. Second that.

    For example - if you can find where the M2 is - trace it to where the M7 should be ........ last time I checked all you see there is a big dirt strip. -edit- dirt strip with trees on it :LOL: -edit-

    If you were in North America or Western Europe, you'd probably be fine with using Google Earth to plan a road trip, but not that great for us :(
  14. ferkin nerd......

  15. Yep thats cool, just had a go and put in one of my favourite runs