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Using car leather seat products on motorbike jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pommie, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just a quick question. Has anyone used car leather seat conditioning products on their leather riding jackets?

    I have these wipes which you can use on your car seats, I was skeptical at first, but they actually seem pretty good. Can I use these on my leather jacket?

    Anyone got any input?


  2. Dunno about car leather product but I prefer using saddle cleaning product -> saddles that go on them horses. The stuff I got has lasted me for ages (I'm talking well over a year). Doesn't degrade the stitching either.
  3. um I use furniture leather stuff, it's works pretty good. I get it from Safeway.
  4. Coacholine, which is also called saddlesoft by some.... it's like thick grease, that you apply liberally to the leather after it's been warmed in the sun for a couple of hours, then you leave it in the sun until it's absorbed, ocasionally rubbing it in, then wipe off excess.

    used it on all my shoes, jackets etc, and not ever had leather crack or split, never killed any stitching.... and as a bonus, it's stays supple & waterproof.

    Downside is the initial smell, which is like all-purpose grease (axle).
  5. Should be fine but always test it out somewhere you can't see it cos some of them will make the colour come out. I use Lexol Leather Cleaner and Lexol Leather Conditioner on my car seats, leather couch and dining room chairs... but also my AS boots and AS jacket and my wife's AS jacket with no problems. Works very well.
  6. Most of these leather conditioners are lanolin (wool grease) based.
    Just try a little bit in an inconspicuous place first according to the instructions.
    If it doesn't make the colour of the leather come off in that spot then go nuts and do the whole jacket.

    I use the Maguires Gold Class conditioner/cleaner on all my leathery bits (car, lounge, boots etc) and it works a treat.
    And like all of their products, it has a pleasant smell about it.