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Using AMSOIL fully synthetic oil

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gags, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Hi All,
    Wanting a question answered. I have 2 bikes a 600RR(2007) and aVFR800 (2008). After checking a few websites on the 600rr i came up with the OIL below. Wanting to know what your comments / suggestions would be in using this for the VFR800. The 600 loves it. The VFR has only done 5100km coming up for the 6000 KM service which i plan to do myself and maybe even start a thread about it here with pics and instructions. I am not a regular rider but ride only on the weekends.

    My questions are
    Will the VFR be okay with Full Synthetic oil?
    Will this effect my wet clutch using a synthetic oil?
    Does this mean i will need to change oil more often ?
    Has anyone else used a Full Synthetic oil on a VFR 800? If so what results


    SAE 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
    AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oils have been reformulated with new high performance additive technology that provides even greater multi-functional benefits for the special requirements of motorcycle applications. These independent and exclusive new AMSOIL formulations provide second-to-none viscosity protection for hot-running American and foreign motorcycle engines, transmissions and primary chaincases. Performance specifications include:API SG, SL/CF; JASO MA/MA-2; API GL-1
  2. I'm guessing that you are a member of ozvfr. That's probably the best place to ask this question. Having said that, though, there is no really compelling reason for using a fully synthetic oil in any motorcycle engine unless you're racing it or redlining it all the time.

    The bulk of VFR owners that I know use Motul 5100 and swear by it.
  3. Thanks all. Just an update. Had a chat with the ozvfr guys. They suggest using a mineral OIL until breaking in ie until about 12000km or so. So i went a got the standard Honda genuine oil and plan to use amsoil when i hit 10000km

  4. lol, @ "break-in" of 12000kms. I think you will find majority of break in occurs in the first 50km and is well and truly complete by 1000km. Put the synthetic in it.
  5. You've never owned a recent-model BMW flat twin then Duff_boy?
  6. I think he probably meant 1,200km, given that he says he's planning to use synthetic after 10,000km.
  7. Why Amsoil in particular? IIRC they were bit of a controversial brand because of their non-API certification history (though from googling just now, seems some of their lines are beginning to be certified now...).
  8. What's so special about the linings in a flat twin? Or has it been blowing smoke for the first 10000 ks of ownership? :p
  9. The R259 oilhead engine is designed to last forever, and seems to take an age to bed in. Mine was still using a little oil at 20,000kms and it wasn't uncommon for engines to do up to 30k before they settled down. Even running in hard made no significant difference. Among BMW owners it was a case of "they all do that". My CB1300 uses no discernable amount of oil between services...
  10. No, I think he meant 12,000 Km. It is a strong engine, and a Sports Tourer bike, expected to run forever. The engine takes a while to really run in.

    On the original question, my understanding is that while an air cooled sports tourer like mine likes a fully synthetic oil due to the higher temperatures the engine reaches (the maximum running temperature is 170°C), in a water cooled engine it isn't necessary. The fully synthetic oils do tend to cost more after all.
  11. In regards to the km yep they(ozvfr) said 12000km (twelve thousand) as the engine takes that long to bed in.

    I also have a CBR600RR and according to the 600 forums AMSOIL is the one that has been tried and tested compared to other brands.

  12. My "98 VFR800 has now done 195,000Kms. It was run on Shell vsx4 mineral for the first 30,000K or so, mostly because thats what the Honda dealer used. The engine continued to improve over the first 30 - 40 K and I can only assume it was still running in over that period. It was never an oil user and uses less than 100mls of oil between oil changes (6K) but my 700k/week is mostly freeway with perhaps 20% city traffic. It gets ridden briskly but not cained.

    I've used a few oils over the years but find I keep coming back to Motul 5100 as the best for gear change feel and longevity. I've tried Delo 400 but found a bigger difference replacing it at 3000km (with either Delo or 5100), whereas I only notice a small difference changing the 5100 at 3000k instead of 6000K. I can only sumise that the Delo doesnt retain its virgin characteristics as well as the Motul. The Delo was better than any other mineral oil I've used however.

    I don't know anyone using Amsoil in their bike but when I was in the auto industry many years (>20years) ago there were a number of Porsche and Alfetta transaxle failures that were attributed to the use of Amsoil gear oil (including mine) that occurred to soon after changing to Amsoil to be co incidence.

    Basically as stated in another post, VFR's and 5100 seem to be an excellent combination that has stood the test of time so I really wonder why one wood go out on a limb with something that niether has a successful track record in bikes let alone VFR's.
  13. Thanks Redbruce,
    have used the genuine honda oil for the vfr. 600 is on the amsoil. Will stick to moutul 5100 for the vfr on the next change.
  14. I can absolutely guarantee my engine is still improving at 14,000km.
    Maybe you should cut back on the generalist statements a bit. :wink:

    EDIT: I wish my local shop still sold Mobil1 Full Synth :(