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Using a bike ramp with Ute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GeorgeO, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Looking for some advice.

    I have a Holden Commodore ute SV6. Problem is that I want to protect the rear tailgate from scratches when loading the bike on/off using a bike ramp.The OE plastic bin liner is also slippery as all hell. I have a load box cargo mat but the bit on top of the tailgate is dangerously slippery when you step onto when guiding up the bike.

    Anybody seen any clever ideas out there?

    Initial thinking is to get some adhesive rubber strip from clark's rubber or similiar to stick onto the lip of the tailgate when open.
  2. Get a ramp with rubber feet on one end. Mine cost $90 a few years ago and still looks and works fine. No scratches either.
  3. Have you tried a thick rubber anti-fatigue mat on the tailgate ?
    They should be heavy enough not to move and could be notched out to suit your ramp which would also help locate it and keep it in place.
    I'd just try a few heavy rubber door mats for starters, and then if that works OK make up something more permanent.
  4. How about something similar to this rather than rubber? Would still be grippy when wet/muddy etc.

    3M 50mm x 4.5m Safety Walk Outdoor Tread Tape

    Might even work under the lip of the ramp to stop it from sliding around. And being both a 3M product and outdoor rated should mean it's got a reasonable chance of sticking well onto the "slippery bin liner".
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  5. Thanks for the tips

    WombleWomble - already have a ramp with rubber tips.

    Stever42Stever42 - will try some heavy matting and see how that goes

    gunissangunissan - good idea. I also thought of some rubberizing paint that might work after thinking of non slip products. Will see what i can get.
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    Skateboard deck grip tape comes in larger sheets, and in clear too

    Ed: may need to check it sticks tho
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  7. The speedliner type of spray on plastic protection is very commonly used in South Africa and really work nicely. I've had it on quite a few of my Hilux ute's in the past.