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User pays goes to a whole new level. Jetstar. Pay to talk.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. http://www.livenews.com.au/Articles/2008/06/10/Jetstar_to_charge_passengers_for_talking

    Is economic rationalism going too far. I thought airlines were a service industry?!?!?!!

  2. Personally, I love electronic check-in. In most "service" industries, I'd generally pay a premium to avoid speaking to staff :grin: .

    Anyway, unless Jetstar are doing something radically different, you still get human contact at the bag drop.
  3. E-check-in rocks.

    Don't know why anyone would do it any other way... unless weight of baggage, etc complicates things ^_^
  4. If the price of jetfuel keeps going up, Jetstar won't be in business and there won't be ANY sort of check-in :LOL:.
  5. Paul, haven't you seen the new range of planes?


  6. With the way some airlines are going I'm surprised they haven't started charging to use the toilet on the plane.
  7. Re: User pays goes to a whole new level. Jetstar. Pay to tal

    E-Check in is *better* than waiting in a line so how is offering a better level of service a bad thing?
  8. They need to have a look at their wording. Would it not better to say "we are offering customers a discount to use e-checkin"

    I love echeckin it saves time and I fly a lot!
  9. So I'm assuming they are doing this in order to deter people from using manual check-in, hopefully to save money. But if the option is still there, they will still need to have staff on anyway in case people choose not to use e-check in, so where does it benefit them?
  10. Because if the new fee causes the utilization of manual check-in counters to drop by 20% on average, then they can employ less staff on manual check-in counters.
  11. Spot on it's about reduction not elimination. You still need people.
  12. Whichever way I look at Jetstar, they make Virgin look good! Virgin have friendlier staff, better service, less hassle - much nicer business model from a customer perspective.

    We do a number of group bookings of older customers with both Virgin and Qantas (wouldn't touch Jetstar with a barge-pole). Although Qantas better suits our product positioning, we would much rather use Vrigin (and do in preference) because our customers get much better service. Ground staff in particular generally can't do enough to help, and the complexity involved with flying can be a fairly confronting experience for some of our customers.

    No, have no affiliation with Virgin! :p