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N/A | National User pay road system

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jeffco, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. From the H/S tonight

    THE Federal Government says it is “closely considering” charging drivers per kilometre they travel in order to pay for roads.

    A final report into infrastructure by the Productivity Commission has recommended pilot technical studies of how cars and light vehicles might be charged.

    It recommends adopting telematics, which can monitor a vehicle’s location and movements in real time.
    “The application of a charging mechanism created by rapidly changing communications technology appears promising,” the report says.

    “Importantly, these trials would introduce direct user charges as a substitute for other taxes, such as the fuel excise.”

    The report suggests each state and territory hold its own road fund to pay for new roads, upgrades and maintenance.

    States and territories would be best placed to decide where money needed to be spent.

    Despite Prime Minister Tony Abbott saying in March road-user charging was “unlikely to ever be adopted by any government”, Assistant Infrastructure Minister Jamie Briggs said the Government was considering all aspects of the report.

    Noting the majority of recommendations were relevant to state governments, Mr Briggs said the Government would consult with them before releasing its formal response.

    He said issues relating to road-user charging would be considered as part of the Federal Government’s broader reform agenda.

    “There are already a number of initiatives on user charging already under way,” Mr Briggs said.

    That included consultation with motoring clubs and industry bodies on potential road-user charge models.

    The fuel excise is due to rise twice yearly under a Budget proposal, but legislation has not yet passed Parliament.
  2. well at least they will be able to fine me for speeding on a more regular basis now, so there is that benefit.
    does this also reduce registration costs?
  3. Well its not new. User pay has been around for a while. They just choose 2 places with inadequate roads and charge you to go between them. Kind of a farked up system. If you live and work in the wrong place you end up paying up to $10k a year because the government has sold off right of passage.
  4. The model of funding for roads does need an overhaul. As a sign of things to come in the USA high tech Seattle has a high take up of electrics & plug in hybrids. This has led to falling road maintenance revenue as less fuel taxes are gathered.

    I am skeptical that any government will drop an existing tax though, this will be an additional tax. The argument should be that motorcycles cause very little road wear so should have a minimum charge. Heavy vehicles should be charged at a higher rate.

    Seattle Times - State to charge electric vehicle owners $100/year.
  5. there goes the great around Australia Caravanning Holiday. I can already see the crazy impractical costing's our pollies will apply. On the upside I guess it means no more tolls right cause that what the new B/S tax is for.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that as of this year, Citylink (in Melbourne anyway) has started charging for Motorcycles? Not sure what to think about this one; yes we're using 'their' road, however in comparison to all the other traffic on the road, we have negligible affect (to traffic or road wear). Surely it should be a token amount, but I believe it's the full wack!
  7. No, motorcycles cheaper than cars I believe.
  8. Ah yes; just been to the website...it's half price. Still...

    Wonder why they changed it? Sounds a little greedy if you ask me...it's been running this long without, so why introduce it now? I'm sure in terms of road wear/traffic/insurance etc we can't come even close to the cars and trucks that travel on it...
  9. I don't think this will happen in a hurry or at all. If they f^ck it up then they will break the whole country. How will it affect business? That's a massive question in itself.
  10. Ummm...what is all the revenue from speed camera's sposed to be used for if not roads, upgrades & maintenence? And they must be saving lives here in NSW cos we're about to cop a truckload more (even though the reports all talk about how much revenue they'll make, I'm sure they meant to include the lowering of the road toll too but just forgot!)!

    I think the 'business' of fining & taxing road users as is, is FAR too lucrative to scrap or play with.
  11. I believe the Abbott government answered this a month or so ago, pointing out that the fuel excise does exactly the same job without the need for extravagantly expensive infrastructure and invasion of privacy.
    There are even simpler ways to recover roads costs, such as reductions in tax exemptions etc. that would capture hybrids and electrics without massive investment needed.
    It's the desire by enforcement bodies for invasive monitoring of personal activity that's behind this proposal, not cost recovery.
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  12. Please use the citylink threads to answer your questions. This thread is not about citystink and motorcycles. Thanks for your understanding.
  13. Any government that plans to introduce this sort of scheme without proper and I mean PROPER compensation will be sent to it's political demise.
    By Proper I mean no toll roads, allowances for rural areas, zero petrol tax, allowances for vehicles that need to be on the road all day etc etc etc.
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  14. If they have a user pays then they will HAVE to back out income tax, since most income tax goes into general revenue which funds most road works...
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  15. Unfortunately I doubt this. They may lose the next election, but 2 or 3 elections later, they'll be back in. Both major parties have effectively a guarantee of getting back in - it's just a matter of patience and time. That's why they all know they can get away with lying and playing their games - they do what they want, get kicked out, but get back in a few years down the track.
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  16. Australian Democrats supported the GST, where are they now?
  17. It was interesting that a commercial network news report (9) came out with an item broadly in support of this proposal last night, backed up by 'enthusiastic' public support and voxpop soundbites from 'random' publics.
    Perhaps they have a business interest in it.

    I think there is cause for concern after all.
  18. I'm pretty sure Toned Abs' mates in big business won't be liking a user pays system for roads.

    The average person needs to carefully consider the implications of the this. Increased prices for goods as a result of increased cost of road transport. And before anyone suggests it, no rail is not a viable alternative for a whole host of reasons.
  19. To expand on that point: Rail could cover long distance stuff like interstate transport pretty well, but at some point you've got to get it from a railway station to somewhere else. Having more than maybe a couple of freight stations per city would be impractical (you're definitely not going to get things within a suburb of most places, and may be on the other side of town), so you've got to at least have trucks ferrying things between trains and warehouses/shops.
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  20. Sounds like a stupid idea.