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Useful phone numbers for motorcycle touring?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bugeater, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has any good phone numbers to keep handy when touring on the bike. Basically numbers and locations for motorcycle recovery and mechanics. Particularly those of use in the wilderness between Ceduna and Norseman.

    I am considering joining the Honda Rider Assist service, though I suspect they may not be too useful out in the wilderness (based on only transporting the vehicle 80km before beginning to charge for the service). It might end up costing more than a potential local service.

    I seriously doubt anything will go wrong. The bike is strong and recently serviced, so it should be fine, but luck favors the prepared.

    It looks like I'll be riding to Perth starting Wednesday :grin:
  2. Store this in your phone:

    112 is an Australia-wide, network-independent emergency number.

    That means, even if you're out of signal, your mobile will connect using any available signal on any carrier. This can be a godsend in remote spots like where we all go to fang our bikes. It got me through to emergency as I was lying on the side of the spur with no Optus signal.
  3. Well I've bitten the bullet and gotten Honda Rider Assist Gold. I guess if there are any problems I'll just give them a call. I'm a bit worried about being 1000's of kms from the place they tow it to, but I'm sure I can just ask to get it taken to the closest town and then put in the back of one of those motorcycle removalists. I hope. I'll have a tent to live in while I wait :shock:
  4. Have a great, incident-free trip!! And don't forget the emergency puncture repair kit, just in case!! (just finished changing flat car tyre :mad: )
  5. some numbers from a recent trip..
    Germany ADAC (RACV IN germany and Europe) +49172222222
    UK DVLA (Like VicRoads) +448702400010
    Cambridge motor bike shop 01223360176 (with in UK)
  6. Nothing more imortant that, tyre plugs!
    If you have a GPS they have just about every conceivable No. in them already, they are good for working out your fuel stops and sleeping arrangements, where to eat and camp sites. wow, traveling is getting too easy :roll:
  7. ICE In Case of Emergency then your emergency contacts name & number!

    All the emergency services know to check your phone for this if you can't tell them!
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  8. Tasmanian MotorCycle Transport
    03 64231555 / 0401 160 144 / 0419 306 834

    If you need a recovery service they offer 24/7 retrievals form anywhere in Tassie. I personally have not used them but have had a mate that did and was happy with them. I also got them to quote on moving a bike from the mainland and they were really helpful and friendly in my dealings with them.

    Its run by riders and they are passionate about bikes too.
  9. I have been in the emergency services field for around 25yrs, as a paid employee. Working in Qld & NSW, I have never checked a mobile phone or seen anyone from another emergency service in attendance at an incident pick up the casualties mobile and check for this ICE number. (Perhaps the police do, after the incident).
    I am not saying it isn't a good idea, but usually the emergency services operators have other issues to deal with at the time.
  10. 1800more beer
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  11. If travelling towards the 'Outback' carry the number for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (for that area) and ensure you know how to retrieve the GPS coordinates for your location, using your phone. Sometimes it is hard to give a street address and cross street if in the middle of nowhere, GPS coords make things easier.
    Many Adventures carry 'Spot' trackers incase of emergency or breakdown.
  12. At least morebeer is a free call.
  13. Honda Assist will I expect only contract out the work to the local auto association for roadside assistance. RACV Total Care is a good option if you doubt your or your bike's durability.

    As for contacting assistance, it's an urban myth that a mobile with no connection will get through to 112/000. I believe it is the case that if there is service from another provider the connection will be made. Patches of your route have Telstra mobile coverage: see http://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/coverage-networks/our-coverage/ The max distance for connection without an external antenna to a tower is 46 km acc to a Choice/Farmers Federation test.

    In any case, there'll be plenty of traffic on that road.

    As was posted, RFDS will handle emergency calls. Numbers: http://yourhealth.flyingdoctor.org.au/handling-an-emergency/emergency-numbers/

    But a non-medical emergency I expect they will pass on to the local copper so you might as well look up their numbers before you go.

    Have a good trip.
  14. 112 & that's about it.

    I have roadside (included with the bike) but haven't bothered saving the number.
  15. Hope the ride went well!
  16. If you already have RACV with your car - would it be better just to upgrade to RACV Gold (covers the designated vehicle plus all other vehicles that you are driving / riding at the time). This way you get extra / premium cover and since most people are the only riders on their bikes, it covers that as well.

    Or is there something that RACV motorcycle cover covers that you wouldn't get through their Gold/Premium service on a car?
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    Only thing is I'm pretty sure that RACV Total Care does not cover you if you have an accident on your bike. It's only for breakdown/out of fuel/puncture type of stuff.

    If you have an accident you need to call your insurance company, not roadside assist.

    And bike coverage is limited to towing and fuel, I have RACV "Total Care" and I had a flat battery in Melbourne CBD one time after accidentally leaving my parking lights on all day, I called them and they refused to even give me a jump start.

  18. Is true. While recovering a mate's bike one Sunday earlier this year we also discovered that the insurer didn't take calls on the weekend and didn't cover 'unauthorised' towing. Which they wouldn't have authorised until a few days later.
    You may need to consider stumping up for your own tow in some circumstances, and it pays to save the number of the nearest 24hr towy if possible.
  19. NSW Motorcycle Alliance
    $35 Per year, nation wide coverage. Not for profit.
    1800 008 616

    I haven't had the need to make a call yet so I can't give a review on the actual service provided, but I have heard good things [=