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Useful bigger bike tip!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by typhoon, May 19, 2006.

  1. Umm, a 1000cc bike will light the rear tyre up as it loses traction as it crosses the white lines at the traffic lights. I thought it was clutch slip! LOL!
    At first I was embarrassed, then I thought that it was pretty cool, then I went home and changed my undies!

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. I hate those bloody white lines
  3. Jeez, I hope not on a 260kg bike with panniers! LOL!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Usefull tip 2 dont accelerate hard over white lines :grin: Unless you want more brown lines :grin:
  5. bike rapper... considered changing your tires?
  6. thats tyres
  7. That's tyres :wink:
  8. damn you Haggis allow me but a moment of grace!
  9. Andrew wait until you are fully loaded on a trip and barrelling into a corner over the legal limit and the rear starts to come around to kiss you. Now thats fun on the big bike. That was a downside of fixing the front end on mine, its almost on rails now and sometimes I fergit LOL
  10. Meh - ride just about any 70's/80s Jap bike with a big donk i.e. Z1000, CB1100 or GS1000/GSX1100 - 'specially on standard tyres - fun all the time!! The frame is just there for holding the engine in (barely) - doesn't do much more than that...
  11. i love my 636

    i think i'll stick with it
  12. :LOL: haha happened to you as well bro? lol me too, scared the shite out me, let me also add, carefull about hammering it in first gear on a bigger bike, I started to get the front wheel of the ground :shock: scary if you dont know how to do wheelies, loads of fun if you do.
  13. Renepo, the 636 is just as quick as the older thou's.. it'll bite you just as hard if you let it :D

    I like power wheelies :D just little ones.. best one was on the six when a guy on a 600 triumph had a go.. bah.. left him behind :)

    *disclaimer* before anyone flames me, yes i know i should always obey the speed limit, don't do stupid stuff blah blah blah