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used tyre question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RiderK, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Hi All

    Happy new year.
    I was wondering if i could get your opinion about these tyres.just bought thrse track used tyres for my bike.I use my bike for commute n weekend rides.

    Do they look safe?tread seems good but just wanted to ask abt the wear around edges plus on front tyre there r some lumps which u can peel off by hand too.No repairs or punctures.tyres r 110/70 140/70 Diablo Rosso II.

    Thanks in advance.

    20150110_102806. 20150110_102727. 20150110_102711. 20150110_102719. 20150110_102757.

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  2. Tyres used on the track tend to ball up around the edges etc

    As long as there aren't cracks and the treads good they're probably ok.
  3. Yes they r balled up.but thre rnt any cracks.just curious that if this is going to be ok when the bike leans in the corners when ? I had used up my old tyre all the way to the edge so dont know how this will behave in a bend.
  4. They'll be fine, plenty of tread. The lumps you can peel off are 'marbles' picked up on a track day. They're not part of tyre build or carcass so will come off easily in day to day use. The wear on the edge wont cause any concern - if you crank it over that far you should be on the track too.
    Always check the build date on 2nd hand tyres - it'll be 4 standalone digits, like2612, meaning 26th week of 2012. I had track tyres in my shed from 2007 / 2009, would i use them? No. Less than 4 years old shouldn't be a cause for concern.
    Stick your thumbnail in the tyre as a guide, if it's soft and leaves an imprint they should be okay.
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  5. Thanks heaps Lionz..its time to get em fitted :)
  6. They're fine and you will get heaps of street cred for your lack of rear chicken strips
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