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used pipes from a wreckers?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by spongesam, May 11, 2006.

  1. What do you reckon they'd charge for some 2nd hand pipes? whether it be a car or bike? at a wreckers?

  2. How long is a piece of string?
  3. too many variables...

    Are the in good condition?
    What make?
    What did they come off (and why did they come off a bike)?
  4. Yup, in the words of number 5 ........need more input....
  5. Wreckers charge $61.39.
  6. I actually thought it $61.40? :LOL: :LOL:
  7. haha ok ok ok...

    i want it in decent condition (not rusted out)

    say from a car... i'd want a say at least 1 meter, preferably more, of pipe that is usable... diameter 1 1/2" to 2" maybe?

    has anyone bought pipes from a wreckers before?
  8. Spongie.
    Go to any large exhaust shop and they will have a massive skip, full of old exhaust piping and mufflers, some in perfect condition.
    They will be free to take.
  9. If you're just after a length of pipe then best shot might be to try a swap meet (there's one in Geelong this Saturday). If you wait till people are packing up to go home you can usually get a good price - once got the entire exhaust system off of something for free, simply because the seller couldn't be bothered taking it home :).
  10. Well are we talking imperial or metric tubing ???
    watch the dia as in if your headers are 40mm the common tubing avail is 38 ( 1.5") or 41 (1.5/8") and the swageing to fit the pipes looks disgusting.

    Watch out to if you go smaller on headers you can choke the gas flow and too big will effect the resonance / gas flow also

    Yes i have bought mufflers from wreckers and pipes and made my own exhausts ( sand bent headers and reverse cone megas) need a bit more info on what the heck this project is for though
  11. I bought a complete system from a wecked VTR250 for a hungee.
    I needed a system to mod so I could replace the muffler with the stock system when it came time to re-sell the bike.