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Used or new help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by marviin3, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Hey,

    I'm am wanting to get my learners soon, and wondering if its a better idea to get a used bike or new?
    I have no previous experience on motorcycles.

    I have searched for used bikes and they are all fairly pricey >$3000 for a somewhat decent 10 year old bike. Or I can get new one for say $6000, or a finance deal.

    Which one would work best for me?

    Thanks :)
  2. If you have little or no riding experience, get a used bike. You're more liable to drop it.
  3. ^^^ Wot he said
  4. But used bikes dont seem so cheap and who knows how much the previous owner has bashed it...
  5. Probably no more than you will :whistle:
  6. And you can always drop the price a fair bit for a used bike. Just do what I did. Get someone who loves the haggling business and drop a $4000 bike down to $3300.
    Edit: once you've ridden a new bike it's already been used and loses its value.
  7. Now with the 3 year P period i can see people wanting to get a bike thats going to last the distance , retain value etc rather than get something for a year then be done with it.

    I can see both sides of the story with this..

    In this instance i'd say go with what YOU want. If you want a brand new shiny bike then go ahead and get it.
    The price these days could be the difference between a CB400 used or a Ninja 300 new..

    All depends on your riding style and bike preference.

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  8. I went with a new bike for several reasons. I knew it's history, I got it for an awesome price (huge saving), I'm a taller guy (6'3") and was confident I was going to drop it unless I was careless (touch wood, 5500kms and haven't dropped it yet) and for the exact reason JT pointed out. I'm going to be on this bike for 3 years while I get my coin together and my experience up for something like the S1000RR. :clown:
  9. We had this argument in our house. My 6 foot P plater son opted for brand new. I opted for a 2nd hand bike because I'm older, short and had never ridden before. I was sure I was going to drop it...although happy to say that I haven't.

    He's very happy with his new bike and made some good choices in his research, but by the same token, the choices I made suited me and I don't regret it. I'm ready to upgrade now and I'm not stressed about how much I'm going to lose on the resale...which is going to be very little for a well loved, well looked after bike.
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  10. ^^^ Agree. This is why everyone says go sit on a few, sort out what your criteria is and then make your own decision.

    Besides, no one can tell you how you should sleep, what car to drive, what shoes to wear, etc.
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  11. Used bike of reputable manufacture is actually potentially more guarantee of getting reliability. Some learner bike can be bought used and then later sold at no loss, sounds pretty cheap to me.
  12. Go used. You can update when you know you are ready.
  13. I bought new as a learner for a few reasons, number one was a warranty. Since having a full time job I've never owned a vehicle without a factory backed warranty, it gives me peace of mind that if something major craps out I don't have an expensive paperweight on my hands. Secondly I knew the condition, though I have a mechanical aptitude and background I know this bike has just left the factory in probably the best condition it will ever be. Thirdly I just could not find a bike in my price range that I liked, and enjoying a bike is most of why we buy them and ride them, if I bought a second hand CB250 or CB400 I just never would have been happy with it as they were not the bike I felt that was for me.

    Also I'm a bloody tall and lanky bloke and most bikes feel like toys under me(I can mount a CB125E by walking over the rear), so I had to buy something to fit my frame, and as it stands I managed to flat foot both sides everything in the showroom I was interested in, let alone being limited to a second hand market where bikes are too small. Doing the learner test on a CB125E really cemented this for me as I had sore back, sore hips, sore knees from the ergonomics not being suited to a fellow of my stature.
  14. There is nothing wrong with buying a used bike. Yes you will have to check it out from head to toe.

    Buying a new bike does not Guarantee its not a lemon from day one!

    i bought my current bike and my last 6 bikes secound hand. Never had one problem with them ever.

    If you don't maintain a new bike you'll void your warranty full stop.
  15. Depends on value of original too. I brought a brand spanking new Yamaha YZF-R15 for $3,500 on-road. Same dealer had a low mileage used example with the mirror held together with electrical tape (i.e. dropped) for $2,700.

    You can see where this is going can't you... The one I brought now has a scraped mirror & lots more damage besides. Still goes well & reliable. Could’ve saved myself $800 and as you’ll often read on Net Rider for people in your stage – spent the money on protective gear!

    It's surprising how little damage good gear suffers as you slide across a wet road on your a**e watching the sparks showering off your pride & joy.
  16. My second bike cost $2500 (well my 250 as a trade and $100) and lasted 4 years and an untold number of KM's (the odometer was broken), many trips Wagga to Melbourne and lots of commuting.
  17. Some good points made here.
    If i were in your position and had to have a LAMS bike for 3 years (not over 25 i assume) then i would buy a used 250 to get comfortable with riding. After 6 months or so you may be ready to upgrade and then you can decide on possibly a new bike like the MT-07 which will last you right through to unrestricted and possibly beyond.
  18. Used. Let someone else suffer depreciation. Bike is already run-in, greased up & ready for action. Plenty of well maintained & serviced used bikes out there. Just go into it like you would if you were buying a car. Check it over, service history, look for signs of it being dropped & take it for a ride.
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  19. I'm in this boat at the present. New Z300 or used ninja 300. The Z300 really tickles my fancy, but I could save potentiall 1.5k going secondhand for pretty much the same bike just with fairings. If I buy new I'm all but agreeing to losing at least 1k on resale in 12months time. If I buy secondhand well I shouldn't lose any money at all.

    Say I lose $1200 over the 12 months, that means I'm paying $100/month to ride a new bike that is exactly what I want. I'm middle aged with a bit of coin, so I'm inclined to not care too much about that loss. But I'm also middle aged with coin which suggests I don't like to waste money needlessly. :)
  20. It all depends on what deal you can find. I got my brand new bike cheaper than what I am seeing most second hand bikes going for.