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Used Motorcycle Buying and Evaluation Guide

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mouth, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. #1 Mouth, Feb 9, 2005
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2014
    The following is a MUST read for any rider (soon-to-be, new, or experienced) looking at buying or evaluating a 2nd hand used motorcycle ....
    Used Bike Guide

    Many other excellent articles on motorcycling are also available ....

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  2. lol: "However, please respect my hard work and my "intellectual property" and do not copy this document and publish it on your own website" (from first link...)

    Agreed though - it is excellent and very comprehensive!
  3. It's been around for a number of years, and we've had the authors approval to mirror it for 2+ years, in it's un-edited form (as we have it). He updates it quite often.
  4. Fair enough. Should provide a link to the original site and/or mention that NetRider have been granted permission to mirror the article on the articles page.
  5. Fantastic guide!! Loved the links to decents books and stats as well. Wish I'd had this when I was looking for mine. It would have saved me many hours of surfing for essentially the same info but located in many different places.
  6. im buying my first bike tomorrow so this is exactly what i've been looking for great timing :D
  7. Will come in very handy.. thanks Guys
  8. Ditto

    ditto :p
  9. Wish I knew all that info before buying my bike... live and learn, can only pass on the knowledge/info to new riders and those looking for their first rides... :cool:
  10. wow...very looks very useful cheers
  11. Agreed with above.

    How about:

    " This <article / web page / work> has been reproduced with the original authors permission. The original author retains all copyright rights in the <article / web page / work> , and unauthorised copying, reproduction, or modification of this <article / web page / work> is strictly forbidden."

    Feel free to use ^.
  12. thx a lot for these tips :)
  13. one thing that i can't seem to find is, how much of a factor is the km's, and how high is too high?
  14. So very handy for this, much appreciated!
  15. Hey,

    just wanted to say thanks for that!

    i actually learnt a few things reading it.
  16. for 1st time buyers who don't know, check out REVS before buying.
  17. clicking this will provide you with REVS contacts in your state :grin: :cool:
  18. This is a great thread, very helpful for a newbie like me..
    thanks heaps.
  19. Enjoyed the post, very helpful thanks