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Used Kwaka ZZR250 - A good buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Haggismaen, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Gday all, well after my search for the Across fell through (damn people buying it before me!) I stumbled across an ad for a ZZR250.

    2000 Kawasaki ZZR250, 25,500kms, luggage rack included, service history, manual and mechanics manual included.

    All for $4000. The one catch (will inspect later today hopefully) is that it has drop damage on both sides (on the front fairing, under the indicators). I have seen photos of the bike and this seems to be the only damage, and as far as I can tell it does indeed look like drop damage not crash damage.

    Up until now I was looking at spending about $3500 on a bike. However that $3500 was looking to get me a bike that was a bit older than this one, with 40,000 - 50,000KMs on it.

    Do you consider the extra $500 to be justified? I am not concerned about the drop damage, provided it is only cosmetic damage. Also I have heard the ZZR250 is suited to highway riding, this is important since I would be travelling down to Canberra (from Sydney) and back.
  2. Don't think that the fairing damage is all that there is, especially if it's on both sides. If you can take a mechanic along with you or tell the seller that you want a mechanic to inspect it before you buy.

    Don't rush in, don't get overly excited. There are always ZZR's / Across' coming on the market.

    Buy wisely.
  3. Hard to say without seeing the bike. Drop damage can bend handlebars etc which obviously is more than just cosmetic.

    I would say get it inspected, where are you located?

    If you are Sydney this guy is pretty good (http://home.exetel.com.au/mis/) , and also does the haggling on the price, so usually you are able to get the fee back in savings, not only on price, but money spent repairing stuff you might miss seeing.

    Just my opinion :)
  4. I got a 1999 ZZR for $4400 with 22000 on the clock and only one minor scrape point (that is almost un noticable)

    The bike sounds like it will fit the bill for you, but I would sugest you haggle over price
    So this is what I got for my dollars (as comparison)
  5. Hey ! - I've seen that bike before .......
  6. I had an old ZZR ('93) and it fell. The damage was centered around the indicator. Mainly cracking and a little bending of fairing supports if I remember right. The fairings usually crack through the indicators. I managed to drop mine once on the bloody lawn. Damn garden hoses :p

    Damn, I wish I had a shed full of 250s to ship down south. The prices stay high don't they. Mind you the bigger bikes seem a little cheaper down south.
  7. Yeah Apparently the previos owner Flogged the crap outa it :wink:

    Nahh Honestly it is serving me well thanks Doonks
  8. Definitely going to inspect the bike, I have arranged for one tommorow night. I will take along the used bike inspection list from this site and check it out. Just wish I had an experienced mate to help me.

    Thanks Cam77, I this definitely might be the go. I might not have worried about it if I was buying a $2500-3000 bike, but $4000 is a significant outlay so it seems worth it. Also solves the problem of not having a mate to do it!
  9. How much you are spending should not be a big factor in how much attention to detail you put in.
    This machine has your life in it's hands (so to speak) you want to know that it is going to behave.
  10. No problem. I learnt my lesson 12 yrs ago on my first car. Dude selling it made excuses for not getting it inspected. So I bought it (what a chump)

    Turned out panels were all resined up, CV joints rooted, engine not far from scrap heap.

    Had them all inspected since then!!!!
  11. nah, been out riding with this bike and the old owner and it certainly hasn't been flog it (i don't think he ever knew how to change out of 1st :p ) j/k :wink:
  12. You may be interested that Clipstone Yamaha has a couple of ZZR250's in stock. :grin:
  13. Gave the guy at MIS a call, unfortunately he is booked solid until Sunday. I'm going to call the seller and see if I can reschedule for Sunday and if the bike is sold before then no harm done and I'll just have to keep looking.

    By the way, can anyone recommend other sources of finding used bikes? I'm currently going through the listings at Bikepoint, Bikesales.com.au and autotrader.com.au (the online automotive division of the Trading Post).

    I also look through the classifieds in the papers when I get a chance, but are there any other sources? (some dealerships advertise through the bikepoint/autotrader but are there any good used bike dealerships in Sydney?)

    Ahh the sign of a newbie, constant bombardment of questions. If you don't have at least 4 question marks in your first 20 posts your just not newbing it up enough.
  14. Falcon-Lord,

    I have just viewed your bike and wow! it is stunning, and (yes I am a girl)! and that is exactly what I am after. The ZZR250 Red, I have been looking around for one, have been to few places and must admit yours is the first that has really appealled to me, price seems pretty reasonable.

    I have just recently got my L's and my search is on for a good looking bike just like yours :wink: