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Used helmet safety inspection? possible?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Awebley, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone, im wanting to know if there is place you can take a helmet to have it inspected to see if its safe to reuse?

    long story but the reason i ask is that i was recently in an accident with my new shoei helmet. it is unmarked, no scratches. but i did hit a car so my head may have glanced the body panel and not left a mark. cant 100% recall. i wasnt concussed.

    i have no problem buying a new helmet, just need to find this out for insurance claim details.
  2. It's unlikely that an impact sufficient to damage a lid would leave it entirely unmarked. Ergo, I'd say there's a good chance your helmet hasn't hit anything.

    After all, contrary to currently accepted wisdom, it is possible to fall off a motorbike (even at quite high speed) and not hit your head on something solid.

    If, however, there are any suspicious looking little scuffs or chips that you can't account for, assume the worst and replace it. I doubt if you'd find anyone prepared to say a definite yea or nay to its condition (too much potential for litigation) and even if you could, I'd expect a fee comparable to the cost of a new helmet.

    Bottom line; the decision as to whether to scrap it or keep it is yours and yours alone.
  3. My riding instructor's $1200, 3 week old helmet fell two feet from a table onto a concrete floor. Left no marks, but he ditched it. Luckily his home and contents insurance actually covered with with a $50 excess.

    Helmets are designed to take big impacts and distribute the energy through the rest of the shell by crumpling the foam.

    edit: As far as I know, to check whether a helmet has actually been 'used up' they need to slice it open to see what state the foam is in.. Which kind of uses it up in the process :wink:
  4. That makes sense Patb. thank you for your advice. thanks also phizog. the helmet will be put on my insurance claim.
  5. You can pull the liner out and look at the foam inside. They can be perfect externally, but with a big hollowed section from your mellon on the inside.
  6. I've yet to see a lid that's hit anything that didn't at least have some scuffs or scratching, albeit sometimes quite small. Certainly something that would be noticed on an as-new helmet.

    My old, due for replacement, HJC however, I probably wouldn't be able to spot the results of a small impact so I'd just replace it.

    Phizog, whilst it is entirely up to your riding instructor what he puts his head in, I'd offer the opinion (and that's all it is) that a two foot empty drop wouldn't normally merit replacement. The lining is only likely to see damage if there's a heavy object inside at the time, eg your head.