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Featured Used gpx250/zzr250 or vtr250 or new Inazuma?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by crembz, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Hi there ... this be my first post on motorcycle thread so be nice :)

    I realize there's a ton of 'which lams bike should I buy' thread and believe me I've read a lot of them.

    I'm posting this to compare these bikes as they're all approaching 10+years old now.

    I'm doing my learners on Monday (which I'm planning to pass) after which I'll be looking to buy my first bike. I'm about 168cm and 80kgs and will be riding from the Dandenong hills area to the CBD (Melbourne) daily to work ... about 100kms round trip. I'm a car enthusiast but I can't stomach churning through 17l/100kms doing an average of 20km/h in peak traffic any more.

    My plan is to spend under $4k on a first bike, I really don't want something which is going to struggle it's behind off going up hills where the limit is 100km/h and getting in everyone's way. I'd really like to get a 650 for the weight and torque but that's out of my budget.

    I've been told to steer away from cruisers as they are difficult for a noob to get used to and can be tricky to maneuver at low speeds (lane splitting).

    So question is: how do these older bikes (gpx250/zzr250 and the vtr250) compare to each other? How well do the higher mileage specimens run? How do they perform compared to say a newer ninja 250 or an Inazuma 250?

    tbh, I'd really like to get a ninja 300 from the reviews I've read, but if I'm going to spend north of $5k, I'll go finance and buy something like the er6nl which I've sat on and liked, a 390 duke or a hyo GT650.

    Thanks for the advice!
  2. welcome aboard alexander :] they all seem like good choices, once you've got your Ls ride them all and buy the one that suits you /gives you the biggest smile.

    and Id be adding the 250 cruisers into the mix at least, they're comfortable easy to ride and manoeuvre and great fun to
  3. Thanks jeffco, I've checked them out and they really haven't impressed me on paper, but I do love the style and my ultimate goal is something like the boulevard m109r but that's a lifetime away at the moment.
  4. VTR250s aren't old.
  5. Yeah I understand you can get more recent models. At under $4k though I'm looking at a 02-05 vtr or 01-07 gpx/zzr. Mileage is around 25k for the vtrs and 10-15k for the gpx/zzr's
  6. GPX 16" wheels,
    ZZR 17" wheels, larger diameter forks, slightly heavier, slightly less peaky motor. around 4.3-4.5L/100
    ninja250, slightly heavier, slightly better forks again, more modern styling, still has carbs, but has better low end and bit less top end than ZZR.
    front forks non adjustable, but easy to put in a longer preload spacer and change oil. makes a big difference.

    ZZR has twin mufflers while ninja250 has single pipe on RHS.
    some people mistake the ZZR for a larger bike.. probably due to twin pipes and big slab of a fairing :p

    both ZZR and ninja 250 have 18L tank which should get you around 400km/tank to fully dry, 350 to reserve

    ninja250 slightly smaller tyres than ZZR (100/70-130/70 vs 100/80-140/70)
    zzr slightly lower seat height than ninja...

    the 250 engines are basically same, and as long as they get valves adjusted occasionally (10Kkm? can do yourself) not much else to do except oil.

    ninja 300 = EFI, more power and torque, better all round, but more pricey

    edit: and ZZR250/ninja250 is slower than a GS500/ER5 :D
    eg http://www.bikesales.com.au/private...bikes]&Service=[Bikesales])&pso=0&pss=Premium
  7. Inazuma, heavier, lower power, but also a larger framed bike. maybe even a little more roomy than ZZR.

    VTR250, I found too cramped but you might find it ok.
    VTR 32hp and 153kg dry(? thought they were lighter) (and only 13L fuel tank)
    VTR has EFI option, which might bring fuel use down to 3.5-4L/100
    vtr has 5 speed box.. the Kwakas have 6 speed

    ZZR250 40hp and 146kg dry(?).
  8. There are ninja 300s on gumtree for $4500 which means $4000 cash will prob buy it
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  9. I was going to say I bought a Ninja 300 SE ABS with 8000kms on the clock with full yoshi exhaust for $4300 recently. I reckon you could get one for $4k.
  10. GS500 all the way! I was in the same position few months ago, had few VTRs on the shortlist until I rode GS500. It's more comfortable, doesn't struggle in freeway traffic and you won't outgrow it. I'm 82kg, 180cm and it's way better suited for my size than VTR. Think about it, sit on one and you might be converted as I have. Keep us posted!
  11. Winter is a great time to buy, as many riders look to dispose of their bikes after a summer of riding. Sit on lots, ride what you can (once you've got your L's) and happy shopping...
  12. Thanks heaps for the info guys.

    The er5 caught my attention but there don't seem to be many floating around. Like I said love the er6nl.

    I need to make my way to a bike shop a sit on a few to narrow things down.

    At this point I'm thinking in order of preference:

    Ninja 300 if I can get one for $4k
    Er5 if I can find one
    Gpx250 for the 'more peaky motor' over the zzr

    One question ... Will all these bike be able to maintain doing 100km/h up a relatively steep hill?
  13. If you're picturing some of steeper, longer hills on the freeways, then the GS500 and ER5 will cope fine with a bit of extra throttle, with the others you'd be dropping a couple of gears and revving. Ain't no substitute for cubes.
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  14. I can answer on GS500 and yes it pulls reasonably well, however you need to kick it down a couple.
  15. If I had that budget mate I would look for a 650 Lams bike. More power, easier to ride, less gear changes and less revving (like u will be doing on a 250-300) . Your only option for $4k is prob a hyosung. I would look at a gt650s , only because I like the more upright riding position but the gt650r is good if u like lying on the bike more. Plus u can unrestrict these bikes on the sly for even more power
  16. The gs500 is a good choice. Someone mention you won't outgrow it? Complete nonsense, you will outgrow any lams bike eventually, especially ones that aren't ecu hacked bigger bikes.
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  17. I agree, I currently drive a modified AMG, and although it'll go 0-100 in under 4.5s I'm always chasing more power. I'm sure no matter what lams bike I get onto I'm going to have the same problem, never happy with the performance.

    I'm not to concerned with having to drop a gear or two and rev ... my main concern is getting in the way up the hills and having cars tailgating or overtaking dangerously cos the bike can't get up.

    My main business case to the finance controller for getting the bike is to save about $300-400 per month on fuel and tolls and put that cash somewhere else (holidays seemed to overcome the 'they're dangerous I don't want you to die' discussion). I'd love to do an er6nl ... problem is anything north of $4k is going to be a 'we could have a holiday with that money' kind of discussion alongside the 'you're going to have an accident and kill yourself' discussion. I don't like my chances of winning both fronts :-/

    Plan of attack is cheap cheerful bike ... once the bike's in it's easier to spend money from there. I'm guessing a 10 year old gpx/zzr or vtr can't depreciate that much. Sell after 12-18 months and get the er6nl or maybe even a monster 659 at that time.

    What are they hyo's like? I've read that later efi models are much more reliable than the older models.
  18. Lets be honest a Kawasaki is a better bike than a hyosung. But for the $ u have I would rather ride a efi hyo 650 than a ninja 250. Your budget should get u a newer efi hyosung.
  19. All well and good, but you run out of revs eventually.

    I've said it many times elsewhere, that pretty much sums up my philosophy with learner bikes. Just be realistic about what a GPX/ZZR (or even a Ninja 250, they're all EX250's in then end) can do, especially considering where you're doing most of your riding.
  20. Hi crembz don't just sit on the bikes take them for a spin. I know the 300 has a slipper clutch which is great the GS500 doesn't I had 300 & it easy did the ton kept up with traffic use to ride it in the hills with no issues and they corner well ridden gs doesn't corner aswell IMHO