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Used bikes that have been dropped

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Danhendo888, May 27, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,
    I'm looking to buy a used bike (CBR1000rr) that has undergone some repairs (left side fairing, tank cowl left hand mirrow clutch lever bar end and switch block - these items were replaced).
    If I buy this bike ('10 model at $11,000), what kind of service should I have it followed up by? Or would you outright recommend not buying a bike that has seen the above repairs.

    E.g. with good conditioned used cars I'd usually do wheel alignment work at the garage, what equivalent type of work needs to be done for a bike that's seen the above damage?
  2. How did you tell it was repaired? Did the owner fess up and tell you? or are the repairs sub standard and easily seen? Was it a repairable writeoff? Sounds like its just slid along one side so I doubt there'd be any frame structural issues. Nothing wrong with buying a bike thats been repaired well, but it should be cheaper than one that hasnt, and $11k seems steep.
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  3. The owner of the bike repair shop repaired it and bought the bike off of the customer who couldn't pay for the repairs.
    And the owner is now selling the bike.

    Great point, I didn't consider that.
  4. At least he's being honest. Would want to look under the fairings to see if the frame's marked at all from the accident. All that pretty, shiny, new plastic can cover up a lot.
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  5. Thanks for your help dw.
  6. Agree with Darren - seems steep to me at $11k. The Seller has a hefty margin it, he'd have nicked it.

    If the new bodywork isn't genuine Honda - and i doubt it will be, don't touch it. If it is Honda, still think carefully.

    Agree again, take the panels off check them (Honda / Chinese) and check the damage to casings, etc. If it's just been covered by plastic you'll struggle to sell it later.

    How many kms on the clock?
  7. Keep in mind as well that he has seen this a business opportunity when he bought it from the guy who couldn't pay for the repairs.
    Which means he would have likely tried to repair the bike for as minimal cost as possible in order to maximise on the margin.
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  8. I'd walk away. His only motivation is making a profit. The likelihood of corners being cut is too great and that price isn't cheap enough to reflect its history. How do you know it hasn't got some frame damage?
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  9. I'd be worried about the guy that had it repaired then couldn't pay? forfeited the bike? sounds odd
  10. There is nothing wrong with buying a dropped bike aslong as its been fixed to a high standard and is mechanical a1.

    I bought my 2010 Gsxr 750 ex track bike low k's and a freshly built motor but had been slid down the track.
    Do I care? Not really.

    The repair is to a very high standard and you can not even tell , besides a couple of very minor scratchers under the paint on the frame.

    My bike is bloody Bullet proof super reliable rides straight as an arrow and has incredible power to burn.
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  11. At the end of the day , it's s used bike and it will have marks on it!
  12. Well two options I guess, buy this bike knowing it's bee repaired which is no big deal or buy a bike that may have been repaired and you don't know about it.

    Now, for the rest of you lot. It's none of your bloody business what this guy bought the bike for, spent on it or what he is asking for it. How do you know he's trying to make a killing and not just recover costs? FFS, your boss makes a profit as well...and that keeps you employed!
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  13. A close inspection of any bike i will do the jfollowing. Look for uneven gaps where the fairings meet and have a birdseye look at the fairings where they follow the frame for symmetry. Being a honda the build quality is pretty schmick so any irregularities should be obvious.
  14. cazzocazzo you missed option 3: A genuine bike at a reasonable price that hasn't been down the road. There's a 2012 Anniversary on BSales for the same money with 10K's. I'd be on that and negotiating down from there.

    Now, for the rest of you lot. It's none of your bloody business what this guy bought the bike for
    True. But the comment was if the bloke's in business he wouldn't be doing it without a decent margin - which is something you work with.

    spent on it
    True, but no-one asked or guessed at his cost - just agreed he needs a profit out of it. If he's got it across the line at a reasonable cost he'll also have more room to work with. If not, he wont.

    or what he is asking for it.
    Other than the fact OP said it was $11K in his opening post. Which i kinda think does make it our bloody business, and therefore shows where it sits with other similar bikes available.

    How do you know he's trying to make a killing and not just recover costs?
    If he's just trying to cover costs he has a seriously flawed business model.

    FFS, your boss makes a profit as well...and that keeps you employed!
    I'll bite my tongue on that one! ;)

    Seriously mate, and without being rude - and i hope you take my comments above with a hint of humour, but bikes are like boats: Easy to buy, hard to sell.
  15. LionzLionz you know what they say about opinions

    But I digress. How do you know your 'genuine' bike hasn't been skittled down the road...mmm that's right you don't.

    fcukit, I'm not going to argue the points I've already made. I don't need to get into some pissing contest that I really don't give to shits about.

  16. Fixed that for ya.

    Agreed, we could be on it all day - let's bail out.
  17. Keeps me employed, yes. Doesn't necessary mean he is not ripping me off though. ;)
  18. Guys, thanks for your input - good stuff.
    I've decided to not buy the CBR1000rr.
    Instead, I've found a 2010 ZX-6R with 8,000kms, eight month old Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 tyres, and M4 GP exhaust. Going to check it out and most likely buy it today (private sale), I think I've found a decent motorcycle.
  19. Sounds ok, good luck. Post up a pic when you get it.
  20. Do not forget to check title/rego ( www.myrta.com/wps/portal/extvp/myrta/rego/check-reg-history) and whether any money owing on it (www.ppsr.gov.au/Pages/ppsr.aspx).