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Used-bike inspections - Hiring a mechanic

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bulby, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. So... I've read through the awesome comprehensive article on what to check when you're inspecting a used bike. However, having no experience whatsoever, I still have little to no confidence inspecting the bike myself. (boo)

    Can anyone recommend me a good mechanic I can hire to help me with the inspections?

  2. Sixty degrees motorcycles in notting hill, best bike workshop I've ever been to, owner is a CHICK!!! they currently have my bike to be fixed.
    highly recommend!
  3. If you're in the eastern suburbs Brett at Madbiker offers a pre inspection service.

  4. +1 for Brett
  5. Although I didn't end up needing it, i was close to using madbiker, haven't heard anything bad.

    60degrees I can vouch for however, they handled my bike after an accident (even though it took a month, that was the other party's insurer dicking me around) and were very good - kept me up to date etc.
  6. He can also help negotiate a fair price.
  7. +1 for Brett. The bike we inspected was no good, but I ended up buying one of his bikes!