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Used 848 - should I?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mactype, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. I've been offered a 2008 Ducati 848 with about 10 000km on it. Standard bike except for carbon termis with full service history. Hasn't been dropped or used for track days.

    What do you think, the seller wants $14500 for it. Seem an ok buy?

  2. i've been looking out for the used prices to drop on these and that's the best i've seen. Sounds like a great buy. How much rego? Do you know how it was ridden?
  3. That does seem pretty good, I was looking at them earlier this year when I bought the R1 and they were more around the $16K

    I wonder why they are not holding their value as much as most SS Dukes. Maybe they sold too many.
  4. The market isn't good for sellers right now. Dealers are selling 2010 1198S' with 3k on the clock and termis for 26k. They retailed at 39k.
  5. if you have to ask then no..............
    logically theres other bikes that are more practical or do what you want better

    on the other side its a ducatti

    do you listen to your head or heart?

    personally if i had the cash id do it (well more likely get a 749)
  6. Not interested in practical and have ridden these and other mid range sports bikes and its the 848 or a 675 (I've always wanted a 848 so it wins out).

    I've also been watching prices for ages and frankly nothing appears to be selling. Some bikes appear to have been on bikesales and the like for months and months. Just I was telling a mate about my search and this one came up.

    Has a couple of months rego left so that has to be taken into account along with any maintenance required. Haven't bought a second hand bike before so I'm just a little bit gun shy. Very attracted to used cost v new cost however.
  7. The answer to your question is "yes".
  8. I bought my 675 for that much a year ago with 4,500 on the clock, immaculate with carbon Jardine and some other bits and pieces.

    If an 848 with twice the mileage had been sitting next to it for the same price I might have an even better developed espresso addiction.
  9. Double post
  10. Second-hand >>>>> new
  11. Sometimes I wonder whether those bikes on Bikesales and the like are still for sale...so long at the same or slightly reduced price and declining or no rego left! Maybe they are open to big reductions in prices? I too would find the choice between a 765 and 848 difficult...but I have always loved the Duc; a manic test ride at F's had me grinning for days!
  12. half the time the ads dont get taken down.
    thats how i bought my vtr, was looking at another the dealership had up, but it was sold so i found myself looking at another vtr they had there and bought it (bit better condition but more expensive then i was looking to spend)
  13. Dealer ads don't get taken down because it costs a lot to put them up so they just do it once and when you come in show you the next best thing. Its illegal bait and switch but the ACCC does nothing.
  14. F's are like drug dealers with that test ride, it had the same effect on me.

    Have made a few calls this morning regarding servicing the like. Looks like a 12000km service would cost me just over $1k inc. belts.

    FWIW the private sale ads on Bikepoint appear to be pretty much genuine. They've all still got their bikes for sale. Would love to see what these guys are getting for trade-ins, I'd suggest its a 50% loss after 3 years just like cars so would be in the 12k range.
  15. $10.7K to $12.7K according to redbook which is pretty accurate for trade ins.


    Half the price for a 3 year old ducati, their popularity is hurting their resale. I would probably get a 999 as it would probably hold its value better.
  16. I lost 30% in 9 months on the 1198S as a trade in on a multi s touring. Two dealers were within $150 of each other and the third NSW dealer wasn't confident enough he could sell my bike to offer any trade in at all. It had termis and 2700km on the clock.

    That 30% loss was after negotiating an onroad price $6.5k less than RRP. If I had paid asking price I don't think I would want to calculate the percentage.

    The same thing I heard from everyone selling Duc was that the diavel and nakeds/multis were moving but the pure sport bikes were not.

    The 848 isn't the 1198S sure (half the cost etc etc) but I doubt its percentages would be too much different.

    *edit* damn iPhone/tapatalk autocomplete keeps putting apostrophes where they are not wanted
  17. Macktype, go get it I reckon. Its a good price, you know that ducs can be a bit lumpy and if it's off a friend you will know the bikes history. All pluses in my books and if I had the cash right now I'd take it if you didn't.
  18. Diavel/Nakeds/Multis - all classes of bike Ducati moved into, away from the pure sport class and all selling well. They've been very smart.

    On the 848 - I see it as a having a touch of modern day Classic - a great bike that somehow hasn't really caught nearly as many people's attention as it should, although the new price keeps it a bit e(xc)lusive.

    If it pushes your buttons, as it seems it does, then that looks like a good price for a lot of special.
  19. I'm also preparing myself to purchase a used 848, I currently have a 600 Monster Dark, but I'm off my restrictions now!

    Pricing is slowly dropping on the 848's, earlier this year there was nothing under 16K, now there is a few popping up sub 15k as low as 14.2k.
    If I could manage to get a 9-10K change over price through a dealer I'd do it tomorrow, on a pearl white one thanks...
  20. Still waiting for the 848 Streetfighter...