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Use by date on petrol?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jimmyz, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Hi all!

    Having just bought my lovely VTR250 a little over a month before my pre-L's I am worrying a little.

    Now I'm probably just mothering it, but I've noticed that the colour of the petrol in the tank has changed from clear to a very pale 'tea-like' colour, the champ I bought it off gave me a full tank.

    I still have around 3 weeks til I will actually be licensed to ride on the road and I try just to let it run for 15/20 minutes or so once a week, so I'm wondering if there is a problem or whether the petrol will last well beyond this point? Should I perhaps siphon some out so that I can dilute it with new petrol when I get my license?
  2. Std unleaded should last for months if not well over a year if stored out of exccessive heat and kept in a topped up tank.

    I recall that during my military days we had fuel that was near 10 years old that still ran fine. It was kept in some special containers that did not let the volitiles escape.

    You should be fine.
  3. It will need to be burnt, as soon as you can.
  4. bring your course forward so you can go use that fuel. i have had fuel stored for over 5 years that worked. mind you it was air tight and in the dark. should be ok. i used year old fuel from a plastic boat fuel tank in a mates garage to get my bike home once.. wasnt the most powerful stuff but worked.
  5. Suggest u use it...fuel does degrade over time...mainly the octane level tends to drop off.

    6 months or so shud be fine, unless you are running a finely tuned race machine :grin:

    Also if you get big fluctations in temp..if you don't keep your tank topped up, u may find condesation occurring...that doesn't help the running of the engine either since it is heavier than fuel...it tends to drop in and settle at the bottom of your tank.
  6. crap.
    my bike is at a mate's place in monbulk. so temp can get fair cold, n still pretty warm on days like today. been there for 3 months, suspension. i ran it the other week, 2 months in, seemed fine but cant really tell much when it's stationary :LOL:
  7. Wouldn't be too concerned, when I brought my pajero it had been sat undriven for two years. I drove it, got it rego'd and then drove it from sydney to the central coast and it was fine
  8. Fuel does go "off", but it will still burn.
  9. Meh - a couple more weeks will not do it any harm
  10. its fine. ive kept petrol in my boat for over a year and still used it without problem.

    it definitely can go off, but a few months...uve got nothing to worry about.
  11. Chuck a capful of metho in to get rid of any water due to condensation and she'll be apples.
  12. Crap indeed :( ....Condensation is listed as one of the most common causes for water in the tank.
  13. By servo owners who will not admit that there's water getting into their tanks
  14. You'll be fine. Yes it goes off, but bikes aren't manufactured and tuned so finely that a slight drop in octane will cause problems. Just top it up next time you take it out and it'll be fine. My bike still runs with over 6 month old fuel.

  15. LoL EFI bikes are SO finaly tuned that 3 week old fuel can prevent them from starting and any high preformance machine will ping till it burns a hole in a piston...
  16. I'm not so sure about that.
  17. I can't see they'd risk warranty claims on holed pistons because the fuel has dropped a couple of octane.

    A racebike tuned for top power on 100 octane, yes it would detonate on anything less. But a production road bike where fuel quality is questionable? I can't see it.

    How many $30K MVs or Ducatis get ridden every 3 weeks?