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USB Charger

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Popollo, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Over the weekend I wired up a little relay on the bike to run some cheapie under grip heating elements. I started thinking that if I ever uninstall them or put a distribution block off it that it might be nice having a USB charger as well. Does anyone know of any good cheap ones out there that can be mounted to a bike pretty easily and won't be affected by rain (rubber cap)?

  2. BurnsMoto do very neat and tidy stuff.. suggest also getting the "weatherproof power socket rubber seal"

    got here in 3 days from the states.
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  3. +1 to BurnsMoto, I put two on my bike (one near the front, one in the lockable compartment).
  4. Looks good...just ordered one. It certainly doesn't make it sound like I will have it in 3 days though but we'll see.

  5. Got one of those and worked perfectly. Took it out of the cruiser and subsequently lost it somewhere in the toolshed...........

    I bought a cheaper one thats basically a cigarette lighter with an attachable USB plug for I think less than $10 all up from China........I prefer this setup more.

    Its a very worthwhile investment, no need to worry about running out of phone battery, GPS, GoPro...........
  6. Three days for me too. Good communications along the way.
  7. no.. i would not suggest a ciggie lighter socket and adapter.. way too many things to go wrong.. and water to get in too many places.. i have mounted my burns moto one next to my ignition key hole on the steering head and made a super short iPhone / usb cable.. (Note.. do not cut the iPhone cable expecting to shorten it unless you are pretty damn handy with the soldering iron.. bugger of a job that)

    so really my setup will be permanent iPhone charger.. but the burns moto is the smallest around with the 12V-5V transformer in the socket which means its tiny..

    it also didnt suggest it would be that fast for me but it really was.. it suggested like 10 working days.. and i expected that because i have in laws in the states that are always sending us stuff.. this guy just works magic.. mind you.. i guess he would have to state 10 days for customs and mail faults that are out of his controll.