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USB charge port on Street Triple Rx

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Katt, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Found a great place to secure my usb charge port on my Street Triple Rx. Thought I would share after not being able to find much info on the forum.

    Photos below

    Open and ready for use


    Sealed from the weather and secure when not in use

    2015-07-26 18.48.04.

    Neat and tidy when in use



    Just need to install a switch now to prevent my battery being drained.

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  2. I assume that's an extremely hi tech piece or wire holding it in place? Almost like a thin coat hanger?
  3. I put one the same on my XT600 connected to an existing ignition wire so that it is only on with the ignition is on.

    On my MT09 I wired one direct to the battery as it doesn't have an LED in it like that one does.
    I figured if I'm charging my phone or powering the GPS I wouldn't be leaving either of those devices on the bike anyway when I'm not riding it. If nothing is plugged into that one, it shouldn't draw any current.
  4. I switched my USB port via relay which is activated when the ignition is on.
  5. It will draw a small amount of current, as its internally converting 12V to 5V. You could find out by connecting a DVM between it and the battery see how much.
  6. Standard triple wire and cable retainer. I bought one for about 14 grand and they gave me a free bike to go with it.
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  7. Darrin HodgesDarrin Hodges I felt pretty clever getting as far as I have, putting in a switch would be the extent of my ability, I have no idea how to install a relay, sounds pretty awesome though.
  8. You should just wire it to a 'switched' source like lights or similar. Saves the relay, as you wont draw more than 2A anyway.

    PS: Where have you wired it to now?
  9. Yes that would work. I ended installing a 6 way fuse block (in the tool kit space) that is powered via relay activated from an switched source. If I want to add accessories I just connect them to the fuseblock. so far, usb port and lights. Was thinking of adding strip lights to the bottom of the frame that come on automatically when it gets dark, just because! :)

    Something like this:

  10. Great work Katt. However, I have concerns if you get caught in any rain while charging your phone. You'd have a usb power source filling up with water, and potentially a cooked phone?
  11. As I was thinking, hence I whacked mine under my seat, so as to effectively 'waterproof' it. I intend to leave my phone in the backpack or the Kriega tail pack.

    Water is a biatch.
  12. I have put one on my bike. I take the current from the lighting plate wires as it is not a safety light, and there is current only when the engine is on.
    the usb charger is under the passenger seat
  13. does the left switchgear cable have enough slack/movement for lock to lock steering?
  14. Thanks everyone for your help and feedback. As a result of this thread I am taking a trip into Jaycar today, armed with Darrin HodgesDarrin Hodges diagram and my 'please help me I'm a girl' face. Not just because everyone here is right, and I need to get it out of the weather, as well as ensure my steering lock is not inhibited oldcorollasoldcorollas, but I now want to have 6 fuses I can hook other things up to, how awesome would that be, red LED's here I come. You may have created a monster Darrin HodgesDarrin Hodges lmao!
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  15. Before you put your dosh down, plan out where things will go.

    I brought the 6 way fuse block from jaycar and that with the relays went into my tool kit space (tools now live in my gearsack), you'll need to check if there is sufficient space, etc.
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  16. Here is the beginning of my project. At first we were looking at the fuse boxes, then the Store Manager suggested the stackable fuse holders instead. With the stackables I can add fuses to the group when required, and they are tiny, which means they can be accommodated on my naked bike a lot easier than an entire box.

    Unfortunately the stackables are so popular they were sold out today, have to wait until Thursday. Consequently I have all week to plan my layout, practice soldering lol, and install my first switch.


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  17. Make sure you disconnect the negative terminal from the battery before starting work. You might also want to get yourself a DVM, jaycar have them for about $10.
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  18. Why the hell do they insist on putting transistor checkers on cheap multi's? Don't know why, but for some reason it bugs me. Would most people that bought a cheapy like that even know what hFe was? I certainly wouldn't trust one on H/V, with those cheap leads. :)

    For basic elec fault finding though, you don't need much, or even high accuracy. For a lot of my testing I use a Logic Probe.
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