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USB 2.0 issues

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by typhoon, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I'm trying to link up my old computer with my new computer, to transfer some files and software.
    Teh old computer doesn't have a network card, and only has a serial and USB port available. The old computer wants to make teh USB connection happen, but the new one is not interested. I keep getting driver not installed issues with it, and after I install teh Windows patch and driver, it still says this!
    Bear in mind that on teh old computer, the only way I have of getting new software into it is via internet, as the disk drive and CD drive are non functional.
    Anyone got any suggestions?

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. search the net for a manufacturer (of the usb key) and download the correct driver for it. Im suprised its the new computer with problems lol. I had this problem with an old comp. and a kingston?? USB key. Just googled it - found manufacturer - downloaded new driver :) problem solved for me, hope it does for u :)

    Regarding the internet only thing- if u need to transfer files, u could email them in batches. Not very time effective though.
  3. i would just whip the hdd out and mount it as a slave in the other pc. then use windows to drag and drop!
  4. ohh and i forgot, congratulations with 999 posts. You've nearly got the 1k :)

    AND i just realised ive now got 500posts!
  5. heh heh, 500 posts for Oliver and 1,000 for Andrew in the same thread, nice.

    Andrew if you can wait till you can get to a computer shop you can buy a USB transfer device, mine cost me about $50.00, but really Joel's idea is simple, immediate and works.
  6. i think andrew means he wants to make a direct link between the two pc's via a usb cable, not a usb key.
  7. :LOL:
    and here i come toooooo! :p
  8. Actually now i re-read it - you are prob. right. Although if hes tranferring files because hes upgrading computers (assuming thats why he has a "new" computer) - he won't need a permanent connection. :grin:
  9. WOOHOO! 1 litre poster! :LOL: I didn't even notice!
    Yes, I am trying to make teh computers talk to each other via a USB cable. I bought a DSE USB 2.0 Network cable, it has a tiny circuit board in the middle of the cable.
    I'll search for a driver online.
    Typical Microsoft, they go on about how their current windoze supports "full plug and play compatibility" for ALL USB devices, but has no USB driver software! :roll:
    I like the idea of slaving teh HDD, how do I go abot this? Bear in mind the old computer is an HP, and everything in it I have replaced so far has been non standard, HP specific stuff.... the new one is an Acer Big W cheapie.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Well that sorted my confusion out :grin:
  11. remove the hd, on the rear there will be jumpers to set with (hopefully) a diagram of how to place the jumpers.
    once in slave mode as opposed to master or cable select, piggyback it to your hd cable in the new pc. its not important which ide cable you use (HDD OR CDROM) as long as it is connected with power. then windows should pick it up and bingo, your there!
  12. Assuming that all goes as it should, yeah.

    If Windows doesn't pick it up, right-click on the My Computer icon and go to Manage. It'll open up the Management Console. You'll find the Device Manager there. Open it and then right-click on My Computer at the top and select "Scan for Hardware Changes".
  13. it will, it will!!!

    the power of positive thinking :grin:
    i even got a little laptop hdd adaptor for my big dowstairs pc that i use to backup or fix my friends/families computers, and i only ever had one hdd not get picked up by the OS and that was a 1.3gig maxtor and i was using win95. those were the days.....:LOL:
  14. Hmmm, I tried downloading some new drivers, but I get a waring about not installing them due to the latest update of Windows being on teh puter, and it already having the best driver! :shock:
    I dunno if I want ti open my 3 month old computer, I might as a last resort.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. I would imagine that you'd need to have a special USB cable to do a direct file transfer between computers (for example). Do you have one of these?

    What operating systems do you have on the two computers and what ports do you have on both?

    Do you have a parallel port on both computers? If so you could get a Null modem cable to link them up.

    Alternatively there are USB to Ethernet adapters(for example) which you might be able to use in your old machine to setup a network between both machines.

    Otherwise moving the old drive to the new machine (temporarily or permanently) would be about the cheapest and quickest way to go about it.