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[USA] SUV SMIDSY'S a Police Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. The report is a bit light on for details, but clearly a big bright bike and hiviz didn't help this police officer...



  2. musta been doing 68...
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  3. Do they ride with headlights on?
  4. i bet the copper wasn't wearing fluro that's why
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  5. the bloke rides a motorbike, so he's a hoon/outlaw ??
    read some of the comments, I like the the guy blaming the street for being 'the street' and someone else said we need dedicated left turn lanes 'which is not possible' ?? WTF, maybe they need Jeff Kennett over there lol
  6. From the image it's clear it was a driver side impact too (left side for the Seppos)

    SUV driver must'a been reaching for his iPhone........
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  8. The perpetrator should be praised for his public service......

    Man, Seppo's make me laugh
    ....Got their priorities right I guess..... :confused:

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  9. ...did you see the mug shot? That is a 34 yo. Sheeeit!
  10. SMIDSY?? Let's not speculate here.
    The article doesn't say who was in the wrong. The cop could have been doing "silly cop things" and was at fault.
    I've seen some cops get all wrapped up in their own self importance that they think the rules of the road don't apply to them.
  11. You are quite the contrarian.

    Look at the picture. Look at the collision point. It has all the hallmarks of a vehicle violating a motorcyclists right of way. You just mentioned road rules... what possible road rule/s would the police officer be breaking that would justify your post?

    Just regarding the term SMIDSY - it has become a universal term for the ROW violation. The driver may literally not have seen the bike from a physical or cognitive point of view, may have seen but not registered the bike, may have seen but didn't care about the bike, or may have seen the bike but failed to account for it due to "Time of arrival" illusion. The outcome is the same. It crossed it's path. Given that there is a skid mark, the copper obviously saw the SUV.
  12. It is a fact SMIDSY is a very serious issue facing the motorcycling community and efforts to raise the profile of the anti SMIDSY campaign have my complete support but I would have to point out that not all vehicle / motorcycle collisions are the fault of the driver. In the last couple of years I have witnessed four collisions where the rider was at fault. 1. A rider went through a stop sign in Sth. Melb and was collected by the car in front of mine. 2. A rider on a cruiser failed to take a corner at Arthurs Seat, went on to the wrong side of the road, and side swiped an oncoming car. 3. A rider, who was very experienced and should have known better, misjudged his braking and ran into the rear of a stationary 4wd. 4. A rider low sided in a wet round about and the bike slid into a car waiting to enter the intersection.
    I feel that if your laying blame on the vehicle driver based on a single cropped news photo then you are speculating on the events of the collision.
    Show me the police report on the accident and I'll stand corrected.
  13. Everything after "driver" was completely boneheaded and irrelevant. What utter drivel.

    Please speculate as to how a motorcycle on a main road, manages to t-bone a 4wd that has just entered the road (into its driver door no less) and carries fault for that crash.

    Tappedouttalking, Android style.
  14. Any news on the police report yet or do still want to speculate on what happened?
  15. No. Speculation on accidents involving motorcycles is not allowed on the Netrider forum. Doing so would violate the terms and conditions of the site.

    But I will say this. Any vehicle, motorcycles included, is capable of failing to stop at a give way sign, stop sign, red traffic signal etc. and cause a collision. And any operator of a vehicle, riders of police motorcycles included, is capable of making an error which may lead a vehicle to fail to stop at a give way sign, stop sign, red traffic signal etc and in doing so cause a collision.
  16. Where's the frigging stop sign on the main road that the cop bike was riding on? Seriously !? :roll:

    Speculate generaly please. I asked a generic question. Dont be a coward. Back up your assertion.

    Tappedouttalking, Android style.
  17. Rob, we could go on all day hypothesising and speculating about what happened. But I'm not gunna as I'm getting very bored debating minor points about an issue when neither of us really know what happened. Any further comment on who is at fault would be pure speculation. The word "anal" also springs to mind.
    But I will leave you with a couple of points to ponder in my absence...

    This thread is based on very inconclusive news article and one cropped news pic. No one can really be sure what happened based on this meager information.
    Not all car/bike collisions are the fault of the driver. Riders often come to grief due to their own "operator error"
    The police police are not infallible. Police f#ck up all the time. It's just that you don't hear about it.
    I care very little about what happens in Pittsburg.

    It's 9.45 and I have to get organised for a pleasant Sunday ride so I'm outa of here.

    One other point before I leave..you wrote..
    The report is a bit light on for details, but clearly a big bright bike and hiviz didn't help this police officer...

    The cops in Pittsburg don't wear hivz and the bikes are mostly painted black. Did you just make that up to add a touch of drama?

  18. So we've established you're a coward.

    Yep, I made an assumption about hi viz, a natural one given that the police officer in the pic was wearing hi viz and that hi viz is standard for motorcycle cops. Apparently hi viz isn't mandatory for Pittsburgh motorcycle police. Interesting that you'd go looking rather than answer the question.

    So the topic is about SMIDSY and you go and give four Off topic examples of riders messing up and colliding with a car, inferring that the cop in the report may have also messed up and could be at fault. Whether riders mess up is not the issue. Please support your inference. How could a rider be considered to mess up if a vehicle exits a side road and the bike t-bones them? It's a simple question.

    Since you made me look, based on the google map http://goo.gl/maps/0I2yx and crash pics - including this one:

    ...my assumption about the exiting SUV was wrong too. The final resting positions of the bike and SUV are consistent with a same direction collision, with the SUV pulling a left turn infront of the police bike. Obviously I can't speculate that that actually happened, but that would be consistent with the map and pic data.

    So the good news for you, is that this now entirely frees you to speculate and answer the very simple question that was posed. There's no T&C's to hide behind now.

    Are you man enough?
  19. You're right. Let's not speculate.

    Hello pot, this is kettle.......
  20. lol qq imo