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[USA] Scumbag tries to steal motorcycle, pays with his life.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/man-19man-19-killed-in-alleged-theft-in-royal-2064717.html


  2. The ol' west is alive and well.
  3. What the article doesn't state is whether the dead thief was actually armed.
  4. Hopefully he was because that'll make it a much more clear cut case for the owner. Florida operates under Castle Doctrine though, so it shouldn't be too hard for the owner to be cleared.

    Operating under the assumption that the owner is telling the truth, even if the dead guy wasn't the one who drew down and he caught a bullet intended for one of his buddies who did pull a gun, I'll shed no tears.

    Hell, even if none of the thieves were armed I'll shed no tears for the guy, again assuming they were indeed trying to steal the bike. If you try to steal someone's stuff and get killed for it, you had it coming.
  5. I'd say it doesn't matter. It's dark, and the guy could reasonably assume that the thief is armed (I mean - he's a thief, right) and had to protect himself.
  6. ha ha good result. One less oxygen thief.
  7. I've had one bike stolen and I don't like bike thieves.

    I've been to jail and have some degree of sympathy for crims - in a general sort of way.

    I have an interest in society and justice and systems, how things work and how they might be made to work better. On that level - I have some concerns about this.

    I'm not going to lose much sleep over this one because he sounds like a scumbag, but what if the information the media was giving out was partial and deliberately misleading? What if the guy doing the shooting was an off duty cop, and the information on the dead guy was wrong?

    You don't think the cops would put a stack of wrong or misleading information out there to protect one of their own? Or friend of one of their own? You think the media check the details and confirm the cops are telling the whole truth and nothing but? You think the cops and the media have never demonised an innocent (or partially innocent) person to cover their own arses? Because I could tell you a few hair raising stories on this exact subject just from the people I've known.

    As I read the stats, for every case where a private citizen used a legal and registered handgun to good effect, there are about 9 where they're used illegally, hurt innocent people, go off by accident, or when picked up by curious children. I'm not saying bike thieves should walk - I'm saying a society where everyone is packing or can safely be presumed to be packing is ALL FCUKED UP!
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  8. Sounds like a 3 strike rule punishment to me. No sympathy here.

    And how do you get probation for attempted murder for gods sake...
  9. That is a good summary of the situation at hand.
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  11. That's why I had to make the post regarding assumptions and the truth. I'm judging on the face of things.

    I both agree and disagree. The biggest problem, as usual, is education and training. I'm much, much more scared of a disarmed society such as ours than an armed society.
  12. Well I'd say the jury is out on that one. Society can fall in a heap with or without the presence of lots of small arms, and the places in the world with the highest incidence of armed citizens just happen to be the least desirable places to live. The excited states constitution is founded in part on the idea that an armed and watchful populace will limit government abuses and keep the bastards honest. I'm not sure that's what has ended up happening at all. Looks to me like they get led around by the same people through media propaganda and Hollywood bullsh1t. On the whole I think I prefer Oz. We get screwed over by our government as well, but you're less likely to get shot on a street corner for no reason.
  13. Why would you prefer being somewhere safer and healthier and fairer, you weirdo KD.

    Anywho we can't know just how liberal he's being with the self defence claim here, so imma read that article on face value and give him the benefit of the doubt and have no sympathy either ~
  14. Switzerland is undesirable?

    In theory. It's about time to start putting it into practice. The US government and Australian governments both need to be fired and reloaded from scratch.

    Instead you get stabbed or have a glass smashed in your face. While you're recuperating, the government tells you what books you can read, which movies you can watch, and which videogames you can play, and when you go to ride a bicycle on a nice spring afternoon you're legally required to wear a helmet.

    Six of one, half dozen of the other. Both countries have significant problems.
  15. Yeah, fair call.

    I have this bad habit, that when I see a bunch of opinion going one way and not much dissent, I start asking questions. LOL. It's gotten me in more trouble ...

    Switzerland is undesirable?

    Good point. I was sort of thinking Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Egypt, Syria, Liberia, Lebanon, Lybia... all the places where people power is bringing freedom and light to the previously oppressed masses. That's by-and-large a good thing, but I'm bloody glad I'm not there watching it happen.

    [edit] Afterthought - What's the suicide rate in Switzerland again? lol.
  16. Oh I'm with you on that. YOu can imagine the reactions I got from many of my American friends and family when I proclaimed that the saddest part of 9/11 wasn't that they killed a couple thousand people in the world trade center, but that they didn't hit the capitol building when congress was in session instead.
  17. LOL - don't get me started on 9-11. I'll only upset people.
  18. i'm slightly disappointed he died a quick death.
  19. Certainly is a crazy place over there, huh?
    Sure it's OK to defend your property, even here in Aus, but the term "reasonable force" would certainly apply - personally I think it's a long bow to say he felt in fear for his life just because he saw someone reach for their pants, especially since he was inside and the loser outside.

    EDIT: Having said that, I now recall the Aus case of the female SO who chased her robber down and shot him as he tried to start his car - iirc it wasn't self-defense because the offender was leaving, but she was acquitted on the basis that he'd just brained her with knuckledusters and she therefore wasn't in her right mind.
  20. armed or unarmed, he deserved what he got.
    he tried to steal a motorbike.