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N/A | National [USA] Riders Allowed to Run Red Lights

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Oh my god won't anyone think of the children :) look they even have a poll
    ' should motorcyclists be allowed to run red lights ' and at the bottom this comment 'earlier this year motorcycles were allowed to duck and dive through traffic as part of a land filtering trial " the media love this shit
  2. Hang on. Running red lights is illegal?

  3. Recently I had to wait for a very long time at an intersection in Port Melbourne. It will be a good thing for common sense legislation like this to be introduced.

    There is nothing unsafe about proceeding through a red light when there is no traffic. Traffic lights are there for large volumes of traffic.
  4. Never gonna happen.

    They'd be more likely to desensitise the settings so the lights never change and then install "safety" cameras to catch those who decide they are not going to stop there forever.
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  5. Screw it, if no one is around and the light isn't turning green, just go through it, provided its clear and safe and what not.
  6. Damn! Why didn't I think of that?
  7. Instead of letting bike proceed through red light when there's no traffic,
    They'll put more cams at the intersection and suck our money.
  8. Given the way RTA does its turn-right arrows - stay red through minutes of empty road, wait until a wave of approaching traffic comes then stop that traffic to let the waiting cars turn right

    I'd expect the RTA to fit push buttons on every intersection before it exercised common sense.
  9. Maybe it's staying on for a long time to account for slow-arse morons who have a multiple second reaction time, therefore ruining a 15 second green from potentially 6 cars through the green to 2 or 3. At least, that is what happens up here.


  10. That's way too intelligent for Sydney. Our lights are designed by idiots.
  11. I thought this law was already in place in some US states:
    2 light cycles or two minutes which ever is first. So not really new news.

    What about the turn right on red in US is still legal. I remember there being a few turn left on red sets of lights around my area 5 years ago, but RMS seemed to have removed them all.
  12. aaace, if it's not really news, then which US states have had this law in place already?

    As for the comments in the article about riders getting off their bikes to press the pedestrian button, when I mentioned this to a friend yesterday he told me how he got booked for doing that.

    He was going to work on a Sunday morning. 6am. Nothing about. Waited I think for nearly 5 minutes as the lights weren't changing at all. Got off the bike, hit the button, back on then when green headed off.

    A few seconds later cops pulled him over. They were watching him in a nearby carpark. Booked him for leaving his bike unattended.

    And they weren't the usual TOG coppers but rather general uniform who usually don't bother with such shit.
  13. Georgia, Kansas, and Virginia have had that law since 2011 and Illinois since 2012.
  14. I so would have taken that straight to their sergent and if there was no joy, then to court. What a couple of power tripping pernicious pencil dicks!

    Anyway, ever since putting a rare earth magnet on the bottom of my oil filter to trap any finely suspended metal fines, I've tripped up all the ground loops. <$1.50 on eBay.
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    Come on mate ! You know they were just doing there job and protecting all Victorians from that Menace on the road

    .the abandoned motorcycle . :LOL:
  16. ...yeh, ooggaaabooogggaaa the terrible menace of the abandoned bike. lol

    Watch out, TAC will make an advert about this new menace.
  17. Either rob's advice of a rare earth magnet or hit your starter button - most intersections are triggered by electromagnetism.

    Park with your wheel on the metal inlaid grids and you'll be fine 95% of the time.

    - boingk
  18. hat happens here too, and it shytes the hell out of me. Queue of cars dozens long, and the dwell of the lights is so short that with reaction time, only ever lets 2 or 3 cars through. Some things are just insane.
  19. Being able to turn right on red in U.S & Canada (or left on red in Auz), just makes total sense. As long as you come to a complete stop first, you are then allowed to proceed to make the turn. It keeps traffic flowing, and very low probability of any accident ever happening.

    So bizarre why it's not allowed here in Auz, although there's a handful of Sydney streets that allow it, so hopefully that will increase over the years.