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[USA] New Mexico bans speed/red light cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. New Mexico Bans Traffic Cameras From State Roads
    Photo ticketing outlawed on state and federal roads in New Mexico.

    The cities of Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Santa Fe have sixty days to pull down the red light cameras and speed cameras currently operating on state and federal roads in New Mexico. The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) announced yesterday that transportation commission members unanimously decided to outlaw automated ticketing machines on thoroughfares within its jurisdiction.

  2. and people say usa is backwards country......=D>

    gotta say though i am not really opposed to red light camera it's only when they mount a speed camera in them too that i think that combo is a bad mix, as by doing so they take basically take away your only other escape route which is to slightly speed up and cruise though to the intersection, but with the both camera's they are forcing you into stopping, no matter what the cost, doesn't sound like safety to me ](*,)
  3. /stand
  4. Awesome how the people who set the rules there aren't being paid by the people who break the rules. Seems to be working.
  5. been dying to use this

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  6. Yea, this has happened to me, some dick tailgating me and the light turned orange, I was nearly a hood ornament.
  7. from what i can understand, traffic cameras are illegal throughout most of USA.
    possibly because they have a constitution, and therefore are innocent until proven guilty. none of this "reverse onus" bollacks.

    i also heard KRudd sidetracked forming our own Australian constition, because it would lead to gays being able to marry and he'd lose his precious god-botherer vote.
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  9. the quality on this gif is outstanding
  10. I want to move to Mexico now
  11. make sure your visa's okay or you'll never get from there into NEW Mexico
  12. remind me of a song

    Mexican americans dont like to get up early but they have tooo so they do it realll slooow
    Mexican americans go to night school to study spanish -- and get a B

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    thanks cheech and chong
  13. Why do seals have flat dicks?

  14. A win for democracy.
  15. We have one too... and they are supposed to be shown in every post office, court house, etc... its also amazing how many changes have been made to it without public knowledge, when the changes are only supposed to be made via referrendum...

    Look up our constitution one day... what a laugh!
    According to it the government isnt allowed to tax us, tarrif us, or take any money from us via way of fines etc. A few quiet court cases have been argued to this effect and won. Wish i could find my details to it on a paper i did at Uni like 8 years back...