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[USA] Motomummy Dispute: Now Resolved

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. On a whim I was looking at motomummy.com and saw that they had stomp grips for $50US. They have a "check delivery charge" option on their shopping cart page and so I put my details in and it said zero delivery. Sweet. That's a helluva bargain.

    I proceed with the sale, put in my details, create an account and chose the Paypal payment option. I should have looked a little closer before progressing... when I landed on the paypal page I noted a higher price than I recalled and there's no option at paypal to refuse the payment. When I got sent back to the site for step four which is the "confirm and submit" step, I saw a separate $30 delivery charge.

    Motomummy have a flat $30 overseas charge - pretty reasonable if you buy multiple items. The charge is posted in their FAQ's - I didn't see that till later. As far as I was concerned, THEIR shopping software told me zero bucks delivery to Melbourne, Australia.

    Instead of confirming, I immediately backed out of the shopping cart and sent them a friendly email query what was going to happen. I fully expected they'd acknowledge the site error and reverse the transaction.

    That's NOT what's happened so far.

    Here's the email conversation.

    = = = = = = =

    <So I went looking for other stuff... they do NOT have anything for a 2002 ZX9R... not even suitable brake pads... I sent a separate inquiry about brake pads and this was the response:

    I'm sorry, but we don't sell any for your model at this time. We are in the middle of changing shopping carts as well so we can't add them. They will be on our new cart in a few weeks though. Sorry.
    Corey MotoMummy Staff>

    <Now I'm pissed off>

    = = = = = =

    So basically, there's no proof of the order, nothing in my motomummy order history but they've taken my money. That's fraud.

    Let's see what happens.

  2. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off

    Paypal is heavily biased towards the buyer Rob, I expect any report to Paypal will result in a full refund to you.
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  3. Here we go again, these guys have lost out already. Instead of saying " sorry sir we will be happy to refund your money and we hope you come back again" they opted to justify their possible error. Poor management and even worse public relations it's a disease of the modern times. Just put in a report to Paypal and it should all be over. Will you go back again???
  4. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off

    Rob should have given john and Kon a ring,or even bikemart8-[
  5. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off

    with a name like motomummy i am surprised that you would expect good service. As others have said paypal is buyer biased so you should have few problems.
  6. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off

    Or even my local Race Replica. I agree.

    It was just one of those time and place things... the window shopping and recalling that I needed to replace my stomps coincided.
  7. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off

    Direct them to this page and also get a refund from paypal claiming fraudulent practices.
  8. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off

    I've kept the "word of mouth" thing up my sleeve at this point.
  9. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off

    Report it to paypal, you'll get it refunded.

    shouldn't take more than a couple of days, i had an issue with something i bought on ebay not being what i thought it was, and the seller wouldn't have a bar of it.

    paypal on the other hand were more helpful and got me my money back.
  10. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off

    wait, what? You didn't read the FAQs?:shock:

    +1 paypal reversal
  11. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off

    Who reads the FAQ's anyway?

    I know from 4 years of running an online business that the most important thing customers look for when purchasing online (next to the item cost) is the shipping. As an online retailer, it's really important to be upfront about this and allow customers to make the purchase decision based on this. I always had the shipping calculator on every item page so purchasers could decide if they wanted to buy before going through all the rigmarole of entering their information and potentially wasting their time.

    My solution to the problem would have been to offer to cancel the order (with many apologies), or (as it was my error) cop the shipping and send the item with free shipping. There are some really shoddy practices out there and customer service seems to have flown out the window.

    At least Paypal should save you Rob.
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  12. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off

    I'm an engineer and subscribe to the RTFM philosophy... and should have in this case too. lol. But c'mon, the shipping calculator... it's a CALCULATOR... and I'm an engineer... and it's a CALCULATOR... lol

    Anyway, the last note finally stirred Motomummy to look properly and confirm that they did not have an order and that they hadn't received any money from paypal from my email addy. So I've raised a query with Paypal and I expect all will be resolved.

    Motomummy still haven't acknowledged the problem with their calculator, but that's their problem.

    So I'll edit the title to state that as far as the MM side is concerned, it's resolved.
  13. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off : Now Resolved

    Sounds like motomummy is mistaking PayPals T&Cs with Ebays, where if you have the winning bid, you are expected to then make payment.
  14. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off : Now Resolved

    All of this bashing our company over an order you didn't even place? If you didn't finalize it (as you said), you don't have an order with us, and paypal has a pending amount in your account then it seems this thread should be more so about paypal, not our company. I'm sure if you contact paypal they can resolve this with you though.

    The online calculator has been the same for nearly 7 years and you're the first person to ever notice it didn't work. Our terms and conditions state our policy and you have to accept them prior to placing the order. Also no order will be placed without you confirming the total and everything, as you found out (This goes for paypal, or any type of payment). If this is all over a calculator that has nothing to do with the order then it's taken a bit out of hand I would say, but that's your right. What you were stating happened made no sense as you can't place an order without confirming the total (with shipping) with paypal or with us. It's just not possible so you had everyone here scratching their heads and pretty dumbfounded. You may not have known about the shipping due to the calculator but it's 100% impossible to place an order without confirming the total (with shipping).

    We are going to be releasing a new shopping cart in 1-2 months, but we were not ready to make it public, or let the cat out of the bag, so no, we didn't fully explain ourselves on the calculator, but we didn't see a need either as you had no order and we didn't have any of your funds at all. This seems to be paypal's issue which we have no control over at all as it's a third party payment gateway. It's secure in that we don't know your paypal details, but it can also be more frustrating as you're getting yet another party involved and one that neither of us have control.

    We didn't rip anyone off though as we had no funds or anything. I really can't say or do more as this is something only the OP and Paypal can figure out as it's between them, not us. I wish I could have, but there is nothing I can do or see in regards to someones paypal account.
  15. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off : Now Resolved

    Customer service pop quiz.

    When faced with an upset customer who feels they may have been wronged by your company, even when they are incorrect, do you:

    A) Respond politely and try to help them resolve their issue in the interests of future goodwill
    8) Post an angry rant on the internet about how the customer is wrong and how it's not your problem, preferably being as condescending as possible in the process
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  16. Motomummy, I said it had been resolved and adjusted the title accordingly. I think that places you in a fairer light.

    If I've been unreasonable in my word of mouth review let me know. I don't think I have. Apart from the snafu I had with you, the product range and prices are pretty good and should I have cause I'd shop with you again, making sure I bought enough to account for delivery.

    Anyway welcome to Netrider. Hope the cart upgrade goes smoothly.

  17. Oh oh oh oh can I have a go at answering ?

    Whilst (A) would be the smart and correct thing do to I think (8) is the correct answer to ensure the longevity of a thread.
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  18. LMAO. Ok folks. Let sleeping dogs lie. MM have had their right of reply and in the end no one was ripped off.

    I wish MM well.
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  19. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off : Now Resolved

    Correct answer, Mick! +10 internets to you!
  20. Re: [USA] Motomummy ripping me off : Now Resolved

    I have to LOL @ nerdrider (sometimes I can see where that indeed comes from) again here, bashing probably one of the best stores for shopping overseas.

    Get one any decent riders forum ( you know one not filled with a million threads about numptys dropping bikes off front stands only or basically at standstill ) and you will see motomummy is one of the best regarded US sellers for Australian customers.
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