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[USA] Incredibly stupid headline reporting a motorcyce fatality. (Warning: includes crash pics)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, May 16, 2012.

  1. Just came across this media pearler that has left me seething... It's a story about an American rider fatality. Please refrain from speculation and keep to the facts as they're known. This is about the media reportage of the fatality... clearly, the anti motorcycle sentiment is rampant globally.


    The report includes a pictures like this:



    And the headline is:
    Motorcyclist Killed By Suspected Drunk Driver Wasn’t Wearing Helmet

    It's abhorrent that a reporter could take such a cynical line and imply that the fatality was the rider's fault. I'm just aghast and disgusted. Look at the wreck! Look at the crush on the car and the damage to the bike... what would Sgt Bellion and the TAC say about the physics in this crash??

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  2. Interesting poll on the linked, related story about the helmet law - it looks like this:

    Would you ride a motorcycle without a helmet?
    A. Yes
    B. No
    C. I would never ride a motorcycle
  3. So what if the rider wasn't wearing a helmet? Whatever your views on the stupidity or otherwise of riding lidless, he was complying with the law of the jurisdiction in which he was riding and his helmet status would have had zero effect on the causation of the crash.

    Whereas the driver of the pickup appears not to have been legally compliant.

    So why don't we have the headline "Motorcyclist Killed By Suspected Drunk Driver " instead?

    Given that the helmet law has only recently been changed in Michigan, are there political factors at play in the headline (such as implied criticism of the anti-compulsion pollies) rather than anti-motorcycle sentiment as such?
  4. Honestly, in my dealings with police crash "investigations" the best you can hope for is that they will keep their mouth shut when they have very little idea what actually happened (all the handbooks and equations in the world won't help when you start from a faulty premise that you "know" is correct).
  5. If it was in Australia the headline would likely to have been

    "Speeding Motorcyclist Killed"

    (and yes I am aware that speed wasn't mentioned, but that wouldn't stop our press/police giving speed as a factor in the accident).
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  6. They will find a way to mention whatever their current excuse / target is at the time. If it'd happened in Germany in 1938 the headline would have read "Dead motorcyclist probably Jewish."
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  7. at least the comments seem to overwhelmingly condemn the reporting and focus on the fact that the helmet law and this accident are two separate issues
  8. Which goes to show that the average US tabloid reader has more of a brain then the average Australian tabloid reader.
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  9. I think it's pretty clear he was travelling at 68km/hr
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  10. Yeah, or he was a member of the Hells Accountants.
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  11. Aren't you aloud to not wear a helmet in the usa?

    if so.. it should have nothing to do with this accident.. the drunk driver is the problem here he was breaking the law.
  12. Y-e-e-s-s, but reading the headline, what impression might you come away with?

    Riding without is allowed in a few states, not all of them.
  13. Couldnt have been speeding.

    Dont see any dead kittens
  14. Apparently 20 USA states have helmet laws of some description. It's a very hot topic in the USA.
  15. One person seems to have been following the law.

    The other person seems to have broken the law.

    The rider's decision to not wear a helmet, which is legal in his state, seems to be more important to the reporter Vickie Thomas than the drunk driver.

    She also finishes off the article with some more questionable information in an attempt to relate helmet laws with fatal accidents, however she makes no similar mention of alcohol related accidents during the same period. The article is not anti-motorcycle, it is anti-recent-no-helmet-bill in Michigan. The author of the article is just extremely opportunistic and exploitative of a story that suits her agenda.

    If it wasn't a waste of paper you could print the article off and wipe your arse with it, but since it is, the whole thing is quite worthless.
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  16. [​IMG]

    That dude was going to be dead helmet or no helmet. That is messy.
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  17. Maybe. I did at least that much damage to a little Holden Apollo with an XT600, and no, I wasn't speeding. My head didn't contact the car at all, although it hit the ground fairly hard when I landed. I was not knocked out and suffered no head injuries at all. I did nearly lose my left leg. My tibia and fibula were like confetti down near the bottom.

    I didn't examine the car myself, I was in hospital for quite a while, but I was told the bodywork didn't look that bad. There was some moderate damage around the front mudguard, and some of the front panels had funny, uneven gaps. The front wheels weren't where they should have been, and the one I hit (right front) was not only punched 6 inches into the car but was on an angle. Seems the whole engine / gearbox assembly was punched to the left, the gearbox / diff housing was cracked (too much to fix), and the whole front subframe / structure of the chassis was bent. The car was less than a year old, and they eventually elected to repair it, but they very nearly wrote it off.

    It occurres to me, looking at that, that I went over the car (mostly) because I was sitting on a trailbike. That poor fella went into the car, because he was sitting on a hog.
  18. Not at all - see, bike did not fly as it should according to TAC physics.
  19. America is a severely backwards country with archaic rules and laws... I don't have any time at all for that country.

    Their media is the bane of the earth that most people listen to it... enough said.

    RIP the rider, that sucks big time. The truck was trying to turn? how fukkin fast was he going?
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  20. I see i see said the blind man.

    Fair enough.