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[USA] Helmet; taking your own as carry on luggage?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carver, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. [USA] Advice? any Touring Tips would be appreciated

    has anyone toured the USA? (mid-west/west-coast)
    - any tips?
    - hire companies? one way hire?
    - which route? where would you suggest to go?
    - what is the most secure/appropriate accommodation for someone riding a bike?

    most likely, i will be starting in Milwaukee (MKE) or Chicago,
    and heading to Los Angeles (LAX).
    thinking of doing it over two weeks.

    considering taking my helmet with me,
    and buying the rest of the necessary gear over there.

    being so unplanned it is a little unsettling for me. 8-[
    just got back from vacation and was looking forward to settling in back at home.
    next day, my boss asked/told me i have to fly next week.
    now thinking i will make the most of it, and tack two weeks onto the end. :D
  2. Dont know about touring on a bike but you have to check out Harley Davidson while your in Milwaukee , thats an awesome place (even if you dont like harleys)
  3. Thanks guys, i'll be using both you advices.

    Whilst in Milwaukee i'll will check out the Harley Davidson. :)

    Also, my original thought was to get a one-way-hire
    from Milwaukee to Los Angeles.
    However after reading http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/
    it suggested 'compressing' your touring.
    So instead of seeing/racing mostly along interstate Highways,
    i'll be flying to Los Angeles and focusing on a few states;
    California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington.
  4. one further question;
    has anyone taken their helmet as carry on luggage when flying to the USA,
    or any other International Destination?

    Before you ask,
    no i will not try to wear it through customs. :p

    But are they likely to make a fuss about it?
    ie; speculate that it has terrorist potential!
  5. Hand luggage is fine, no probs.
  6. glitch is right
    Hand luggage is restricted by a size envelope, but I don't see you having any problems carrying-on your helmet. Perhaps remove the visor and stow it separately if you are concerned, but I reckon you'll be OK.