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us vs them ?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Nosoh, May 23, 2013.

  1. i just saw this over at visordown, thought i would post up here for those that have not seen it.

    yeah, there probably has always been a little bit of niggle between drivers and riders, but i was suprised to see the response of passers by here, it even looked like this bloke was getting the what for for holding up traffic...

    yeah there's two sides to every story, but it looks like this guy could have used some help here...

    maybe i have my own head stuck up my bum, but ive always thought that if the shit ever hit the fan for me, a passer by would always be there to at least stop and lend a hand, or at least help me pick up all my stuff off the road, instead of just running over it. now im not so sure.

  2. Move along... move along
    nothing to see here
    don't get involved
    not my business
    someone else's job
    can't be late for work but
    what's the holdup
    bloody traffic
    someone get a photo on the mobile
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  3. Russia..... Lucky he didn't get bashed for holding up traffic!!
  4. Zackly. We no longer live in a community, just a city of individual people. Look out for number one.
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