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US Travel

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Booked my US (Florida) ticket today. [​IMG]
    Will spend 16 days touring around with Mrs 2wheelsagain in between her work commitments (hopefully not much).
    Since Mrs has been there she's been nagging for me to come over :blah: and it looks like I have one of the 9 remaining seats for the LAX - Syd leg for the return trip. At least we'll be able to come back together.
    I'm starting on a list of things I'd like to bring back. Mainly gear and it will depend on how the funds go. [​IMG]
    Suggestions appreciated but so far I have boots and leathers and another jacket on the list.
    I'd love to be able to bring back a container full of bike and car stuff.
    It will kill me if I come across a big block 69 - 72 Mustang for sale. [​IMG] Donations accepted!

    Anyone have any tips for seriously long flights (31 hrs point to point) My Ipod will last about 6 hrs.
    Magazines will last another 6. I guess I should sleep at some stage too so must pack earplugs.

    It's still 50 odd days away but I like to be organised. :woot:
  2. I strongly suggest several sets of foam ear plugs (they cut down on the engine roar) and make sleep lots easier.

    Another thing that helps are those little sleeping masks (some airlines supply or sell those but not all) check first and if they don't buy one before hand.

    Don't just take magazines, take a couple of thick books as well.

    Wear comfortable clothes, there is nothing more annoying than 20 hours of binding clothes or shoes. Most people will take their shoes off during the flight at some point (try and make sure they don't stink too much)

  3. Sleeping mask is the most critical item if you want to get any sleep. I didn't need earplugs to get some sleep, but without the mask it would have been difficult.

    Also be prepared for long long long waits at US airports - immigration, security, check-in, baggage claim. Shoes off, no liquids through security etc. They are still very "concerned" about their airport security. If you only have one or two internal US flights you'll be ok....more and it really wears you down.

    As for bike gear...bike parts and apparel in general will be a whole lot cheaper. If you find a reputable US internet site to order parts from, you can have them deliver to wherever you are staying and save heaps on shipping (though it doesn't really work if you're moving from place to place every couple of days). As for gear...get as much as you can, because it will either be half the price it is in Australia, or something you couldn't buy over here at all.
  4. Not if you get an 'airline' power adaptor. Many aircraft now have power available for notebook computers etc in the seat arm, and you can run your iPod off that socket with one of these;

  5. Thanks guys.
    All good advice. I'll be based about 30 mins North of Tampa (Masaryktown) so I wont have to cart all my goodies around.
    Baggage allowance is 44kg (2 X 22kg) and its summer there so I'll be travelling light.
    I mean how much does a pair of thongs, shorts and truckies singlet weigh? :LOL:

    I'll have a closer look at the Ipod charer. Thanks inci.
    I didnt think of an eye mask.
  6. If you haven't got a PDA, spend $399 on an HP-1950, download Bejewelled II, and the flight will go by like lightning :LOL:.
  7. Best thing you can do is get up often and walk around.
  8. A good idea just shot down in flames. Seems I have to upgrade to business class. :shock:
    It will be cheaper to check out the "talent" on my walks from one end of the plane to the other. :wink:

    Now looking for Paul's PDA..............
  9. Yes. Great potential. Thanks for that.
    The cable looks a bit short but it will do the job. Good battery life out of 3AAA batteries :!:
  10. Take a pair of Explorer socks for the plane flight.

    You'll want to take your shoes off at some point, but I find my feet get cold on long flights with just normal socks. Explorers do the job nicely.

    Definitely get up and go for a walk. Or several. Wander back to the galley and chat to the flight attendants. Do some stretches.

    Or just crank back the seat, keep ordering bourbons and wait for the whole nightmare to be over! :LOL:
  11. Yeah I dont think my old moccies would cut it. :oops:
    I might get a down grade to the tail section. :LOL:

    Great tip though. Thanks.
  12. Take as little carry on luggage as you can get away with. In years gone by it was the opposite but now with the added security checks it's a pain in the neck.

    Just flying back from Canberra yesterday about 5 people in front of me got held up while security went through all their carry on gear.

    Don't forget you've got movies music etc on the plane (except that for me it's always either crap or stuff I've already seen :evil: ) so that fills up some time.

    Clothings cheap in Florida so don't pack much - get yourself over to the big discount and factory outlet centres at Orlando and buy clothes there. :wink:

    And make sure you hire a car and drive down the Keys and make a certain Hornet rider extremely jealous... :LOL:

    Everyone for the past 40 years has been saying you should have been here 10 years ago - it's ruined now :LOL: (it's still interesting though)

    They do have the coolest police car in the USA in Key West...

  13. Mrs 2wheelsagain in in the keys today and tomorrow.
  14. Went to the states in March.
    If you are flying the big kangaroo - the entertainment on board means you won't need the ipod!.

    And the free drinks (BUT DON't ARRIVE IN THE US PISSED!)
    Plenty of movies, music etc.

    The security in the US will drive you nuts - Don't wear shoes that are difficult to get on/off - you will be asked to remove them ( and belts!) at every opportunity by security.
  15. I figure the entertainment would be pretty good flying "the friendly skys". Better this way as there are 2 domestic hops as well and baggage is booked right through etc. Have flown with them before and was happy with service.
    The worst I have had was Air New Zealand but thats when they were raping and plundering Ansett...................
  16. Lads have some good tips.

    Noise - buy a pair of noise cancelling headphones. If you can get an adapter to use for the in flight entertainment. And when you want to sleep just leave the 'phones switched on and unplugged. The NR electronics will reduce the air condish and engine roar quite significantly.

    Don't drink. Or if you do, take it easy. The hangover at the other end isn't worth it. Airline environment dehydrates you bad enough as it is. Drink heaps of water.

    If you take any medication, make sure that you have a script for it. Panadeine even requires one over there. So, get the pharmacist to stick one of his labels on the packet.

    Have to check the map but if you can, head up or down to Orlando. Check out Disneyworld, Universal Studios and Epcott Center. Then head out to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. You probably won't get to see a shuttle launch (we did - it was shit hot). But the Center is bloody interesting.

    It will be hotter than hell to at that time of year. Humidity at close to 100 percent and over 100 degs. So, yeah, dress accordingly.

    What we do when we go to the US is to pack a few essential items and one suitcase inside another when they were that style. Then load up with quality cheap clothes for the trip home - all duty free.

    And yeah security is a biatch over there. You'll be finger printed at the Immigration hall, photo taken, etc. US passport holders breeze through. The rest of us don't. Hopefully your connecting flights will allow for this. When I last went, before 911, we had about 50 mins. after collecting our luggage to get over to the Bradley Terminal. Just made it.
  17. Thanks for all that. Mrs 2heelsagain is in a good spot for all the attractions you mentioned. All an easy drive (by Aussie standards) away. She says its currently about 35deg with 96% humidity. Luckly we'll have a pool and A/C and some great Chev monster truck thing that she's to scared to drive! I'll have a bit over 3hrs layover in LAX before my Denver flight and then 2 hrs for the Tampa leg, so all should be good that end. I rarley drink so the booze issue is cool.

    I'll be taking a backpack (carry on) and 2 cases one inside the other like you suggested and they will be wrapped at Tullamaine. Mrs said she got through ok with hers wrapped.

    Thanks again mate.
  18. My bags were opened and searched at every opportunity by US airport staff - But they put a piece of paper inside saying that they have been there.
    Bad luck about the cut locks though, and if something goes missing - it is not their fault!.

    Sometimes the queues at security were really bad.
    The ticketing staff 'forgot' to book us ahead (but they booked our bags!), so all our flights were missed, and we had to talk our way onto a plane to get home.
    Once back in Oz, the qantas people fell over themselves to help us, the OS people were very ordinary.

    Oh - have a stack of ones (US$) handy when you get off the plane, - tips are std, and they laugh at Oz money!.
  19. Yeah the tipping stuff really gets up my nose. I understand why it happens. Just hate the fact that it needs to happen.
    Becoming an issue here to in tourism hotspots.

    Anyway, whats the standard tip for a cab? is it % of fare? Whats the deal with meals and service tipping?