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N/A | National US road users paid to slow down

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by titus, Jun 22, 2012.

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  2. What pay out instead of making millions? Nice try Titus.
  3. Is there any more to the editorial article that's linked in the main article?? It purports to discuss that there is no data to support the link between breaking the limit and road safety... but it fails to deliver.


    I think it's Holland that does a speed camera lotto. Every car that passes a certain camera is snapped. If you're below the limit and don't get a fine in a period, you go into a draw for a prize.

    Don't know whether it's had any impact on their stats. But I guess I'd rather a million of our tax dollars goes into a carrot program rather than an advert that so fully flawed that it only manages to engage it's target audience by angering it.
  4. how about if you do not get any infringements in a 3 year period and then continue to retain retain all your points each year that you get free rego and greenslip and and licence every year you have full points on your licence
  5. Its not going to make money for the gobbermant so it'll never happen.
  6. it will cost them money - loss of traffic infringement revenue and loss of registration revenue
  7. Interesting idea.

    I also like the idea of speed camera lotto, but your winnings are the revenue from the camera that snapped you.
  8. in nsw if you hold your license for 5 years when you renew it you pay half price so there starting to get the idea
  9. I did not know that!
    .. not that I'll ever get to reap this reward.. but still.. did not know that.
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  11. In Victoria, if you haven't received an infringement in the 3yrs prior to renewal, you'll get a discount.
  12. Of course it is better, if i know im going to get paid not to speed ill never speed.

    Currently with the system we have, i know i can speed everywhere and get away with it on almost every occasion, the fines do nothing because the chance of getting one is very low.
  13. Not down here in Victimoria @unconnected.. Here they have speedcameras in every police vehicle, marked or no, then the roadside parked car camera , the on top of pole cams, the on the freeway cams, the intersection cams, the public place and everyfukkinwhere yah go cams.... yup.
  14. I think, though, that there is a difference between the motivation caused by a short-term reward, like getting $25 if you don't speed this week which also is something directly under one's control.

    On the other hand, the discount on renewal in three or five years' time is such a long way away, and anything could happen between now and then, and actually I can speed as long as I don't get caught.

    So, short term and directly linked to your actions, vs. long term and indirectly linked.

    I know which one will alter behaviour more.
  15. Um, if you don't speed you don't LOSE $165+ dollars. Wouldn't that be a bigger motivator? (According to VicPol and TAC, that is the theory right?)
  16. Well yes, but no.
    It would if you lost $165 every time, but the chance of losing any money on any particular occasion is very small, especially if you're smart about it.

    I'm sure you know what I mean, but I'm not sure the authorities get it.
  17. That's like the perfect Dorothy dixer response mendosi! Now you know why they have been creating fear campaigns. They want everyone to think that the cops are everywhere all the time at any time.

    Tappedouttalking, Android style.
  18. +1 to this.

    Great idea, good incentive, and rewarding those who don't speed everywhere.

    doubt it would happen though. unfortunately.
  19. I think its just my perspective comming from NSW. if i lived in victoria where you had:

    1. no speed camera warning signs
    2. speed cameras concealed in small cars/back of utes (rather than obvious vans)
    3. a smaller tolerance

    In nsw you have to be fairly ****ing unlucky to get caught speeding and then in my experience talking your way out of it, or down to a lower fine, is fairly easy, assuming you dont get pinged going 20kph plus, i find that 20kph plus is the cut off for getting let off, getting let off also includes speeding past police and not getting pulled over for it.
  20. Just a cheap fear campaign to make up for the lack of actual enforcent. Still, it doesn't take long driving around to realise that a) it's not true and b) lots of other motorists realise it's not true 'cause there's plenty of bad behaviour out there.

    Still, I guess it fools those who pay more attention to what's on TV than they pay to what's happening on the road. And that's a good thing.