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N/A | National [US] Police trained to be unethical?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, May 13, 2011.

  1. An interesting paper I came across recently...

    All police officers in California are required to attend a police academy or its equivalent (California POST 2001). In San Francisco, all police officers hired by the San Francisco Police Department are required to attend the San Francisco Law Enforcement Regional Training Facility, a paramilitary police academy (San Francisco Police Department 1994). However, despite (or perhaps due to) their academy training, police officers sometimes exhibit unethical behaviors. If police recruits are above-average examples of honesty and integrity, then it is likely that the formation of police abuse is social, not simply psychological, in nature, and police officers are influenced externally into unethical behaviors.

    This study revolves around the report writing training administered to the police recruits at the academy. The recruits are required to view or participate in controlled scenarios, and then to create a police report based on the scenarios. I reviewed the reports for substantive accuracy, appropriate chronology, and deliberate omissions. The comparison of reports written over the course of seven months of academy training help to identify whether deliberate inaccuracies in report writing increase, decrease, or remain constant over time. The findings of this study can be summarized succinctly—there is evidence to support the theory that police recruits begin to falsify their reports while still in the academy environment

    full paper

  2. The training process produces unethical police... that's definitely not going to win the author any friends in the police force!
  3. My good friend is a ex police officer - he explained to me that all police are criminals at heart - they have to be so that they can understand their customers
  4. I have a friend who used to work in a career reference centre. The books and files were reference only(not for loan). She told me that the information section on police careers was constantly getting stolen and replaced. They had no such problems with the other sections.
  5. My experience when I was pulled over by CHP when I was in the USA was to be let off, so maybe not all are affected.
  6. I would hate to think that. But they would be excellent crooks. Only because they know the ins and outs of how to flaunt the system
  7. I love the series Dexter!!